Pomegranate Sparkle Cocktail

This Pomegranate Sparkle Cocktail is a delicious bubbly drink with a pretty red color. It’s elegant enough for a special celebration like engagement parties or bridal showers. Serve it for Girls Night In parties too.

The color and flavor lends itself well to holiday entertaining like Valentines day or Christmas. And how fantastic would this be for a celebratory brunch!

Make this pomegranate sparkle cocktail your signature cocktail for your next event or stylish entertaining at home.

pomegranate sparkle cocktail recipe

I love a champagne cocktail and can’t get enough of that fizzy burst of bubbles in my mouth! Some of my favorite simple combinations are sparkling Brut wine with elderflower liqueur {St. Germain}, or a Kir Royale {sparkling + Chambord}. And now I have a new favorite to add to the list. This pomegranate sparkle cocktail is just as festive as the others but with a slightly different flavor profile.

I really enjoy pomegranate liqueur, like in my pomegranate sparkling martini recipe. It adds a touch of flavor that’s not too sweet.

This is an elegant alternative to the French kir royale and it looks pretty served in a sugar-rimmed glass. The reddish-pink color lends itself to a myriad of holidays and occasions as a signature drink for Valentines day, Christmas, or Easter. Not to mention special celebrations like birthdays or wedding parties.

pomegranate sparkling cocktail with feather stir stick pomegranate sparkle cocktail, 3 glasses with feather stir sticks pomegranate sparkle cocktail, trio of glasses on gold tray

Use a Brut or Extra Dry sparkling wine for a perfectly balanced cocktail

For this cocktail I don’t recommend using a sweet sparkling wine because the flavors start to compete and become overwhelming. You want the liqueur to add a “kiss” of flavor, not get lost in the sweetness. Use a dry sparkling wine or Prosecco for this drink. That way the combination is perfectly balanced.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy this sparkling pomegranate cocktail:

pomegranate sparkle cocktail recipe

Pomegranate Sparkle Cocktail

Yield: 1 drink

Make this red cocktail your signature drink for your next party. The color and pomegranate flavor make it a good choice for Valentines day, Christmas, or any girls night in party.


  • 1 oz Pomegranate liqueur
  • Chilled Brut Sparkling wine, champagne, or Prosecco


Add liqueur to fluted glass and fill with sparkling wine.

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