Black And White Halloween Decorating Ideas

black and white halloween

More and more I’m seeing people use black and white as their primary color palette for Halloween decor. It’s such a classic combination and seems to add a bit of sophistication to an otherwise kitschy holiday {of course it can also be taken in the spooky or macabre direction}. I’ve been pinning some of my favorite black & white Halloween decorating ideas and today I’m sharing them with you.

From parties, to fireplace mantles, to entry tables these designs should certainly inspire you. Visit the links for their full posts.

  • This sleek modern table by Bump Smitten has an “Itsy Bitsy Spider” theme. Love the tree centerpiece!

  • This party table by Wants and Wishes incorporates lots of graphic lines with classic icons of the season. Great for family Halloween parties.

  • The addition of silver in this table by Urban Comfort adds a touch of elegance to the simple sweets.

  • This dinner party by The Happy Heathen is full of fun, creepy details. A MUST SEE to inspire Halloween dining.

  • When decorating for Halloween you can’t neglect the foyer or entry table because everyone will see it as they ring the bell for tricks or treats. This one by In the Fun Lane has all the right touches.

  • This foyer table by Lil Luna is full of whimsy – take a close look at those photos!

  • Another focal point for decorating is the fire place mantle. It’s a small space so you can really get creative without spending too much or taking too much time with it. This one by Candice Stringham Photography is wonderfully traditional with just a bit of orange in the banner.

  • Empty frames should be in everyone’s’ decorating arsenal because they can be used in so many ways. This mantle by Craft berry Bush is a fabulous combo of 4 easy elements: empty frames, white pumpkins, feathers {crows & a boa}, and spooky gauze.

  • Another mantle by Craft berry Bush incorporates book pages and vintage finds. This works great for Halloween but is neutral enough for the entire Autumn decorating season.

  • This homage to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven is fantastic, as seen on Rook No. 17. The book page banner and vintage gadgets are so simple but make a big statement!


  • And here’s a bonus for ya! Set up a black and white Halloween bar with a “science lab” theme.

For even more ideas for a Black & White Halloween visit some of our previous posts:

So those are some of my favorite black and white designs for the season. What’s your favorite? Comment and let us know – better yet, comment on the original posts for the designers {we love reinforcements}. Have a great day!

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  1. Love love love the nevermore printed on the book pages! My favorite spooky author and such a fitting decor piece!

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