Mad Hatter Themed Halloween Tea Party

I don’t know what inspired me to do this, but the idea came to me to create a “MAD” Hatter Halloween Tea Party.  The Alice in Wonderland theme has been all around the web in beautiful birthdays, showers, and weddings.  I thought it would be fun to pay homage to the theme for Halloween, and play up the “Mad” concept.  Fortunately at the same time I had my brainstorm I “met” Gwynn of Gwynn Wasson Designs, and she was happily on board to help out!  She created all the printables for the design (except the clock toppers on the cupcakes) and will be offering them to you for Free Here!  She totally got where I was going with this and designed some fabulous printables.
I hope it’s not too late for you to be inspired by this party….once again I pulled this together in a week.  You can too!

I incorporated all the usual suspects, with a twist.  Check out the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts below – they’ve seen better days!  The Cheshire Cat is on his 9th life, the Dormouse is now a Rat, the White Rabbit didn’t quite make it on time (see bottom)…

Mad Hatter Halloween Party Ideas

Get the Details of the design & those ‘extra touches’:
  • Silver serving pieces I already own are set for tea…best part is I didn’t have to polish it.
  • Add googly eyes to playing cards and name cards for added creepiness.
  • Tiny mushroom candies were placed in ‘dirt’ parfaits with the gummy Caterpillar added on top; also a few butterflies lingering in the woods have found their way here.
  • Get the party started with a vodka & cranberry shooter served in a test tube.
  • A little adhesive gems added to clock toppers & silver skull rings (used as glass charms) always add flair.
  • Black flowers are part of the centerpiece pedestal.
  • Favor boxes filled with candy bones and a chocolate truffle.  Add decorative paper to the inside of the box for an unexpected finishing touch.
  • Icons from the story are used throughout: watches & clocks, key napkin rings, playing cards (hearts of course); combined with spooky Halloween decor: spiders, webs, skulls.
  • My obsession with lace continues as I created a table runner made of ribbon, lace, & trim, and draped more lace and trim around the party.
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Oh my. I love the lace gift boxes. I mean everything looks great but I am into lace. Great work

  2. This table definitely states it clear: you're several steps ahead of us in terms of creativity. And You have been so consistently sharing so many halloween tables which made it impossible to me to not try to put together a tiny decor here at home, although Halloween is not celebrated or played in Brazil. Actually, here Halloween is more known among medium and above social classes; it has been introduced mainly by English language schools. I am more interested in the childlike decors than in the adult ones and this week you published two examples of sheer creativity, your and nina's. Congratulations. Beatriz

  3. I love the Halloween twist on this theme, just terrific. I featured this party today on my blog, thanks for sharing!

  4. Chris – Fabulous as always! i just adore the chocolate mushrooms – too cute! I'll be featuring this today – stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase – I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  5. I don't know about me doing this all in one week. All those little items … I love the key napkin rings. Seems like a fun party!

  6. I saw your thumbnail on Show and Tell and just had to come check it out!! My daughter is MADD about Alice, Mad Hatter, watches, keys….and you incorporated it all!! I am saving this to show her. I see a party in our future. Amazing job.

  7. WOW! I love the mantel, the centerpieces, the EAT ME treats – Chris, it looks awesome!

  8. I love the spooky twist on this theme! You really freshened up a party theme that has been all over the place this year!

  9. You and Gwynn are a match made in heaven. UNREAL!!!!! Love it! Now if only I was in Richmond and could come crash this party 🙂

  10. I am visiting from the Blog Frog Halloween Community. Your site is fabulous! I love how you did the the Mad Hatter party. I have always wanted to do one of those =)

  11. Amazing! I think the "Mad Hatter" is every party planner's dream — you can get so creative. And YOU DID! Wow, I love it all. Sometimes working on the fly is the best way to do it!

  12. Thank You everyone! I loved pulling this together!

    Kim, the little mushrooms I found at a random store, Five Below, and couldn't believe my luck! : D

  13. You are so wonderfully creative! It's really such a talent. I'm insanely jealous. The last time I attempted to do something creative at home for my daughter, it was a giant flop. I'm going to keep reading your blog, maybe your creativity will rub off on me and I'll be able to make her a fabulous 2nd birthday party!

  14. How Cool! I mean.. Creepy! This is awesome! I am totally diggin' the tiny mushrooms in the dirt!(no pun intended) 🙂

  15. Chris – this is fabulous! How did you make the little mushroom toppers on the dessert?

  16. Serendipity! Every year I volunteer and create a table for a charity table setting luncheon. I was going to do an Alice in Wonderland theme but with a dark edge to it and call my table 'Go Ask Alice'. And then circumstances made it not possible, maybe next year. Anyways, I believe you enjoyed the table setting posts I did the last 2 years. Although I didn't do a table this time, I did attend and I have began this years posts today and for a few days more. Peek if you are interested again. There were some nice ideas.

  17. I love that you posted this! I'm throwing a Mad Tea Party this Halloween and while I have most of the planning done I have certainly been inspired by this post!

  18. This. Is. Fabulous!!!! Incredible job! I love how glamourously creepy you made this. I always had nightmares about the jabberwocky…

  19. Love it!! I've just been posting this week about a regular ol'Mad Hatter party… so fun to see the Halloween spin on the theme. 🙂

  20. Saw it pop up over on FB and I was all over it:) Why didn't I think of the mushrooms on the 'dirt' parfaits?! UHH~ love it♥

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