3 Quick & Easy Appetizers for Entertaining

You’ll love these 3 Quick & Easy Appetizers for Entertaining. They pack a lot of flavor into simple bites! These are just part of the large variety of easy party appetizers for girls night in

When it comes to entertaining at home, nothing beats an array of hors d’oeuvres, dips and spreads. They work as pre-dinner appetizers as well as for cocktail parties and happy hour. The three party recipes here are full of flavor and very simple to make. Start planning your next party at home!

3 quick & easy appetizers for entertaining

On Wednesday I showed you all the fun from my wine tasting happy hour with the girls, where we sipped, snacked, and socialized! Today I’m giving you the recipes for the 3 quick & easy appetizers I served. When you’re looking for simple delicious party food that’s full of flavor, look no further!

These dishes aren’t so much recipes as they are layering of ingredients. They are going to sound so simple that you might think, “how do just 4 ingredients taste so good?” Trust, and make one or two or all three for this weekend’s entertaining! To round out the menu I served pistachios and almonds, a wedge of white cheddar with grapes and dried apricots, and dark chocolate bark with almonds and pretzels.

You’ll love the variety of flavors in these 3 Quick & Easy Appetizers for Entertaining

3 quick & easy appetizers for entertaining - Asian style cheese spread

I first tried this spread at a friend’s girls night gathering last Fall, and couldn’t believe how yummy it was. It’s the perfect combination of Asian ingredients so it would work for a themed dinner party too. In fact each of these appetizers has a distinct “worldly” flavor {Asian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern}.

Asian Style Cheese Spread

  • 1 block {8 oz} light cream cheese
  • 1 tube wasabi paste
  • Sesame seeds
  • Soy sauce
  • Rice crackers

Cut cream cheese in half lengthwise.

Squeeze wasabi all over bottom layer to cover, and place top layer of cream cheese over that.

Place on a serving dish and cover the top with sesame seeds.

Pour a shallow layer of soy sauce in the bottom of the dish.

Serve with rice crackers.

Make sure you cut through each layer of the cheese block and scoop up some soy sauce when your placing on your rice cracker.

3 quick & easy appetizers for entertaining - feta and tomato Greek spread

This next spread, I got from my friend Tanya back when I hosted my ladies only awards viewing party. I was looking for something new to try, and to round out my menu so she told me this was always a winner. I wasn’t sure because it sounded too simple to be that good! I was wrong. This spread is amazing, especially if you like feta cheese which I love almost as much as I love cilantro. Which is a LOT.

Feta & Tomato Spread

  • 1 container plain crumbled Feta cheese
  • 1-2 vine ripened tomatoes, diced
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Greek seasoning {we use Cavender’s}
  • Thin pita crisps

In a shallow dish, pour a shallow layer of olive oil just to cover the bottom.

Cover that layer with feta cheese. Top the cheese with the tomatoes and sprinkle the Greek seasoning on lightly.

Serve with thin pita crisps or even tortilla chips.

I definitely recommend using the thin pita crisps as opposed to the regular pita chips. I think the regular ones tend to be too thick for this particular dip.

3 quick & easy appetizers for entertaining - mini ham & brie biscuits

Finally, I made some mini biscuit sandwiches because I thought we needed something a little more hearty, plus a protein. These are a combination of ingredients that I tasted over a decade ago when someone brought them to a steeplechase tailgate party, only she made homemade scones instead of biscuits. I of course, take the easy way and buy my biscuits.

Mini Biscuits with Ham & Brie

  • Mini Biscuits {Walmart sells a bag of Pillsbury Grands Mini Buttermilk biscuits in the freezer section}
  • Smoked Ham, thin sliced, deli style
  • Brie
  • Prepared Chutney

Cook biscuits according to package directions. Slice in half and layer on the ham.

Cut rind off of brie, and slice into small pieces to fit onto biscuits.

Layer on the brie and chutney, and top of biscuit.

The secret to these really is in the chutney. It’s a sweet, spicy jam-like condiment that brings in the flavors of India. Every brand seems to have its own distinct flavor – some sweeter, spicier {cinnamon}, or more savory. The ones I’ve found that I like best are actually the less expensive brands.

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  1. The mini Biscuits are my favorite! I am all for any kind of appetizers you can put out that only require fingers! No forks! The Asian-style cheese spread sounds really unique and different! I haven’t seen anything like that before!

    1. I’m with you on the finger food, Chloe. That Asian spread is so good. I probably never would have tried it just by hearing about it, but I tasted it and couldn’t believe how yummy it was.

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