Quick & Easy Brunch Cups

mini breakfast cups

I love playing with food but I don’t always have the time or even the desire to cook from scratch.  Lucky for me there are quick and easy solutions to this ‘problem’ and they can be found right in the freezer section of the grocery store.

I recently tried these Jimmy Dean Meat Lovers Breakfast Bowls and as delicious as they are on their own, I found a way to make them even more fun for the kids, or even to serve guests for brunch!  That’s right – serve up the breakfast bowl mixture inside of puff pastry cups and you have an amazing little brunch party food, and I bet no one would even guess that you didn’t make it from scratch.

mini brunch cups

Mini Breakfast Cups

  • It all begins with these breakfast bowls I found at Walmart.  They have everything you need for a filling: eggs, potatoes, sausage, bacon, and cheese.
  • Next, I picked up a box of puff pastry cups.  These are mini size and great 2-bite nibbles, but there are also cups a little larger that might be better suited for sit-down meals.  These are great to pick up and keep moving – like you do at a brunch party or shower.
  • Cook the pastry cups and the breakfast bowls according to package directions, and then fill the pastry with the egg mixture and serve.

My kids loved these, and so did I.  My daughter loves bread of any kind so this was a great way to get her to balance out her carb addiction with some protein.  My son just loves meat, period, so he didn’t need any convincing when he saw the “meat lovers” label.

As an adult, I love the presentation of these, and the convenience factor.  Using the breakfast bowls would save so much time when preparing breakfast for guests…not to mention saving on clean up!

mini breakfast cups #brunch

Have a great day!

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