Mini Pies A La Mode

a fun way to serve mini pie a la mode

What’s better than the smell of fresh baked pie in the Fall? Only the TASTE of fresh baked pie in the Fall! I will take pie over cake almost any day of the week, but making a whole pie isn’t very good for my waistline. Let’s face it – the kids are at school, half the pie is sitting there calling my name. Before you know it the kids are home from school and there’s no pie left for them…I don’t know where it went?!!! {why are you looking at me like that?}

That’s why I love the mini pies from Marie Callender’s. They let us indulge without the guilt of OVER indulging.

I recently baked up some mini apple pies with my daughter and we {she} had the brilliant idea of serving pie a la mode with the ice cream INSIDE the pie! She’s so smart – I think I’ll keep her. We decided to scoop out a hole in the center of the pie, and place a big dollop of ice cream right inside. Top the ice cream with the portion you removed and it’s like an ice cream sundae & pie a la mode all in one! Here’s what we did….

steps for fun mini pie a la mode

Mini Pie A La Mode:

  1. Use a paring knife to cut through the top crust, being careful not to let it break apart.
  2. Scoop the apple filling just from the center, and set aside, being careful not to remove the bottom layer of crust.
  3. Place a large scoop of ice cream inside the hole and top with the apple filling and the crust.
  4. Enjoy!

My daughter compared this to fried ice cream because of the cinnamon topping. I love how the ice cream gets a little ‘melty’ inside if the pie is still warm.

mini pie a la mode

I hope you’ll give this a try next time you bake up some mini apple pies. By the way, did you know that MC actually has someone on staff who tastes every apple to make sure they are good enough to use in their pies?!

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  1. Now, I’m completely craving apple pie with ice cream – I love ice cream that starts to melt on a slice of warm apple pie. Having a single mini pie is even better though. Wonder if Marie Callender’s will consider creating a gluten free version.

      1. I’m typically always making desserts from scratch as my daughter is gluten-free, but having an easy dessert that’s ready whenever would be wonderful – especially if it’s apple pie 🙂

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