How to Make a Pennant Banner for Tailgating

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When I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized it’s the end of September I was literally in shock. What happened to the rest of the year? Seems like I was just blogging about Valentine’s Day! In reality we’re right in the middle of football season. I know because my facebook feed is full of team cheers and tailgate photos every weekend.

I love tailgating but don’t get to do it too often because my alma mater is a couple of hours away. In fact, our favorite game to go to is when my college team plays against my husbands…and one of my kids roots for his while the other roots for mine. It’s quite the family rivalry with plenty of smack talk.

If you’re a sports fan I hope today’s DIY will inspire you. I made this for my stylish tailgating with the girls and it was a great addition to the tailgating set up.

It turned out so cute and was very easy to make. I worked in a neutral palette of black and white (cream really) because it’s a good base that will go with any team’s colors.

diy banner suppliesdiy tailgate pennant banner diy tailgate pennant banner

DIY Pennant Banner


  • about 6 feet ball fringe trim
  • 2 packs canvas triangle pennants {4 per pack}
  • Fabric Adhesive letters to spell out “go team”
  • Glue gun and glue stick

Lay out your canvas pennants so they are side by side, but spaced between words.

Add a thin line of hot glue to the top edge of the pennant and place the edge of the fringe on top. Make sure you leave several inches of trim at each end, for tying and hanging the banner.

Continue until all pennants are attached to the trim.

Center, and attach adhesive letters to pennants.

Hang across the back of your vehicle for tailgating, or on a wall for a home game day party.

This banner can be used over and over again, and can even be used at home for parties or Super Bowl. You can customize the trim color or the letters to reflect your favorite team, too. You can spell out the mascot, or the team name, etc.

What do you think? Who’s your favorite team to root for?
diy tailgate banner

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