Whimsical Kids Garden Party Ideas

You’re going to love these kids garden party ideas that are whimsical and child-friendly. This party is full of colorful inspiration for a dessert table display and a light luncheon & table setting.

Whimsical kids garden party ideas.

The idea for this garden party is to incorporate bright colors to blend into the garden, and add lots of iconic symbols like bird houses, butterflies, and of course flowers. This theme would work for a little girls birthday or an end of school celebration. The bold colors and “critters” used on the dessert display are what makes this party whimsical and perfect for children.

kids gardn party tablekids garden party tablekids garden party foodWhimsical kids garden party ideas.butterfly hunt activity - kids garden party

Kids Garden Party Ideas for a Table Setting

  • Use a moss runner from the craft store as the base for your table setting. My moss runners have been one of the best purchases I’ve made as they’ve been used in all types of party designs from a bourbon bar, a shabby chic baby shower {I cut a runner and inserted pieces into silver trays}, a grown up version of a garden party, a boys fishing party, and rustic Christmas. In this party it provides a natural element that gives the whimsical decor a more grounded base.
  • Just because it’s a kids party doesn’t mean you should forgo the flowers. If your garden is in bloom then you can snip some and place in colorful vases. If not, then buy a nice bunch of flowers at the store – how can you have a garden party without flowers?
  • Brightly painted birdhouses are the perfect centerpiece, and for mom they can be re used in the back yard. The colors help to set the color scheme of the party too.
  • Brightly colored plastic plates were inexpensive and get used time and time again {like this kids party}. I love that they are more eco-friendly than paper.
  • A painted fence from the craft store makes a great name card holder. Add a faux flower to the back side with glue dots to complete the place setting.
  • If you host during lunch hours serve small sandwiches cut into shapes using a cookie cutter.  Stamped Popsicle sticks inserted make them easy for little hands to pick them up and eat.  Mini flower pots are just the right size for holding things like veggie sticks, or chips.
  • For kids parties I believe in letting them have plenty of time for free play. In my experience they really just want to play together. Even still it’s nice to have 1 or 2 activities that apply to the theme. In this case a butterfly hunt is perfect. It’s basically like hunting for Easter eggs except butterfly nets are the “baskets” and craft butterflies are the “eggs.” The clip on butterflies are great for this because they can be clipped on to branches, leaves, and other outdoor items. Hide plenty of butterflies in the garden before the party begins and let the kids go on a hunt for them during the party.


Whimsical kids garden party ideas - dessert food displaykids garden party brownie popskids garden party cupcakesMake a "butterfly garden" of iced butterfly cakes inserted into grass-covered foam.Whimsical garden party ideas - serve milk with cookie strawskids garden party sweetschocolate birds nest inside hanging bird cageWhimsical kids garden party ideas - dessert display

Kids Garden Party Ideas for a Dessert table

  • To set the stage for sweets I used the moss runner again, and added another birdhouse and more flowers.  Unique decorative items are used for display like a small cart which remind me of floral cart you find in quaint markets, a mini bistro chair, and the garden centerpiece diy I made previously.
  • I hung mini bird cages from a rod above the table. The rod is held up by garden hooks.  Chocolate nests are placed inside on a piece of scrapbook paper for food safety.  These would make sweet favors to take home. Check out the link to see how to make them.
  • Commercial butterfly cakes are inserted into the fenced box display, and brownie pops are embellished with candy flowers from the cake decorating aisle.
  • Cupcakes are simply sweet with butterfly toppers.  These butterflies have the wire attachment which is inserted inside the cupcake.
  • Mini milk glasses are rimmed with icing and pearl sprinkles and a cookie straw makes drinking them that much better.
  • More take home ideas are to fill striped bags with assorted taffy, and pipettes filled with small gumballs.

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  1. My aunt loves to garden. I think these ideas would be perfect for her. I also love your peanut butter sandwiches. That’s one of my son’s favorite food! Thanks for linking up to Party Time on Moms & Munchkins and we hope to see you next week!

  2. I love how colorful everything is! The mini sandwiches on sticks are so cute and the kids would love those! Everything turned out so pretty.

  3. You mentioned you were selling some of your garden themed items. I was wondering which ones, how much, and where are you located. I am having my daughter’s first birthday and it is a garden tea party.

    1. Yes, Jessica, that was the plan. I haven’t gotten around to listing it yet, but if you want to email me I can let you know what I have, okay?

  4. I love the use of the bird cages as a means to serve the desserts. The color combinations are delightful and whimsical!!!

  5. This is a totally gorgeous party design. I love the clip on butterfly hunting game, I can see the kids running around loving this! Great idea 🙂

  6. I absolutely love this idea of a garden party for kids birthday or any other event, really! This is such as cute idea! I love it 🙂 You could DIY or purchase lovely invitations and other stationery to make it lovelier! Awesome stuff!

    1. Thanks Rhiannon. Got those at Michael’s in the $1 aisle. They get them periodically.

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