Stylish 30th Birthday Party

This is how you do “30” in style!  This lovely birthday luncheon was designed by Tori and Myka of Sitting in a Tree.  Held at a local restaurant, it just goes to show that you can still bring personality and charm into a commercial space. 
A few stand-out features are the eye-catching striped napkins, the whimsical place mats, and the white vases embellished with “30” (you can do this with stickers).
A fun little detail are the chalk board invitations above, which are seen again in name “cards” on the tabletop.  A few balloons floating above the table add just the right amount of visual height to the space. 
Such a lovely setting for any birthday or bridal shower!
Takeaway Tips:
  • A few simple, but eye catching details can “make” the party decor (striped napkins, graphic place mats).
  • Instead of tying up bundles of balloons, use them in a modern way by placing a single balloon in strategic locations.

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  1. I am SO in love with this table!!! The b/w napkins are fantastic, I love the white pitchers, chalkboards, and everything! I NEED someone to throw me this party!

  2. Just love the whole style & ambiance of this party! Very fresh and inviting…elegant in a casual way.

  3. So fun and chic! I'd be proud to be 30 if this were my party… I still have a while though!

  4. The numbers and letter on the white jugs look fantastic! Favorite detail for sure!

  5. LOVE the napkins and straws and vases!! This is giving me ideas for my 30th next year!! 🙂

  6. I was just in a store about 30 minutes ago that had those placemats. They are thick paper that you just throw away after the meal. Now I wished I had bought them, guess I will go back!!

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