Circus Themed Birthday Party

Circus themed birthday party Everyone loves a circus and this classic theme party was sent in by Vanessa of Blog 5 to 9.  Vanessa created this for her son’s 2nd birthday and I think she did a great job!  Check out all the little details…  circus themed sign and cakecircus themed party food tableCan you believe Vanessa and her husband built the amazing canopy above the sweets table?  It makes such a statement and is a great focal point.  All the names for the treats are adorable and fit the theme as well.  Here’s what she has to say: “My husband and I designed and built a tabletop canopy structure to highlight the dessert table, which included all sorts of circus treats like cotton candy, popcorn, chocolate dipped pretzels, strongman marshmallow dumbbells, and sugar cookie whirly pops. The cake and cupcakes were purchased from a local grocery store and embellished with a homemade bunting and cupcake wrappers/flag toppers.”

Vanessa continues about the “real” food and photo props: “For lunch, we had hot dogs, corn on the cob, nachos & cheese, french fries and soft pretzels. I put out plastic nacho trays, paper hot dog trays, and paper cups to serve the food so that the kids could run around and play while they ate.
Everyone had fun dressing up in their clown noses and ringmaster mustaches. What’s not to love about a handlebar mustache, right?

This is such a darling party for you to get some great ideas from.  Thanks for sharing it with us Vanessa!

Credits:  Design & Printables – Blog 5 to 9 / Striped straws & bakers twine – Think Garnish / Cotton Candy & paper food containers – Detroit Popcorn

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    1. Sara Sue this is all the information we have about this party. Unfortunately it looks like the blogger, 5 to 9, is no longer in service.

  1. hey, what color table clothes were the individual tables? and where there any centerpieces?

    would love to see more pics of the party from far. do you have any? i want to do this theme for my sons party 🙂 thanks let me know

  2. Hi Chris,
    Love the party. Do you know how Vanessa & her Husband builted the canopy? I would love to have it. We are planning circus party.

    1. Hi Lin, there was no diy for it. If you do a little Googling or Pinterest searching I bet you can find a tute for one. Let us know if you do!

    1. Alisha, it’s 2 marshmallows attached in between with a skewer or lollipop stick (covered by a stripey straw).

  3. hi i love everything…especially the dumbells may i know how it came out like that.wat did you use aside from marshmalows.

  4. This is super cute. I am throwing my little nephew’s birthday in a few months. I was wondering how did u make the canopy? I cant find one anywhere?

  5. Really, really lovely party ideas & photos. However, I was dismayed at the “step right up….and when *your* done…” The incorrect grammar is not consistent w/ attention to detail. (your/you’re) I would pull that photo out. Otherwise, I love the post.

  6. Where can I have tent cards made with the carnival theme> I also like the flags fo the cup cakes. Please contact

    1. Nikki, I don’t see her Etsy shop any more but I would suggest contacting 5 to 9 Events directly – the link is in the post.

    1. Hi Somar, I think most fabric stores would probably carry a similar fabric. If not, you could try a google search for an online retailer. Good luck!

  7. OMG! I love the strongman barbells! so creative!
    The canopy is just fabulous!

  8. AMAZING!!! My favorite circus party ever!! the canopy is to die for!! 🙂

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