Pretty Pink Princess Tea Party

This Pink Princess Tea Party is gorgeous for your little girls birthday celebration. You’re going to love the pink tablescape and decorations. Plus, many of the tea party ideas can be incorporated into grown up celebrations too!

pink princess tea party tablescape

Pink Princess Tea Party Ideas

Do you have a little princess of your own who’s having a birthday soon? These ideas will give you a head start in planning a party for her! I styled this Pink Princess tea party photo shoot last year with the help of some amazing vendors including Bird of Bird’s Party who was really the driving force behind the project. At the bottom of this post you’ll find easy to follow tips for creating a similar party.  

Princess party tablescape 

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Little Girl Birthday Party Ideas 

I created a table setting that was more chic than cute.  The centerpiece was a great focal point and turned out even prettier than I imagined.  I simply used floral foam soaked in water and placed on a small stand.  Pink roses, carnation, and baby’s breath were inserted and a gold decorative crown topped it all off.  The place settings were vintage snack sets set on top of a doily.  I love these snack sets as they have a small indention for the cup to sit in.

The napkins were customized by using rhinestone iron-on transfers in a crown motif, and cupcake pedestals were created using small candlestick holders and vintage saucers.  I used 3 different shades of pink to spray paint each candlestick a different color to hold the eclectic mix of china patterns.  The printed elements tie everything together with place cards, straw flags, and cupcake toppers. pink princess tea party shelf with princess themed dessertspink princess tea party printable signpink princess tea party decorpink princess tea party decorated cookie favorspink princess tea party decorating ideas, frog prince decorpink princess tea party photo frame and chair decor

Dessert Table

For a dessert table I used a book shelf and lined the back with fabric to coordinate with the look of the party.  This low shelving is the perfect height for little ones to serve themselves.  On it I placed decorative items as well as the flower wands from Fluffy Tuffies, favor boxes wrapped in tulle & a tag from the princess paper collection, pretty & delicious cupcakes, and the most beautiful princess themed cookies from Lori’s Place.

I created a photo opportunity for the little girls by hanging an empty frame from a tree branch.  Dressed in their tutus & head bands from Cole Baby Tutus, the photos were darling.

pink princess tea party, girls playing in tutus

Pink Princess Tea Party Styling Tips

  • Create your own cupcake pedestals using small candlesticks from the dollar store, and an eclectic mix of china saucers.  Glue Dots are used to hold the items together securely, and can be removed afterwards for care-free clean up.
  • Design your own napkins with iron-on embellishments and cotton napkins (or simple fabric squares).
  • Serve sandwich “wands” by cutting out shapes from peanut butter sandwiches and inserting a lollipop stick into the middle.
  • Party atmosphere is easy to create with yards of ribbon hanging from trees or the ceiling.
  • Hang an empty frame from a tree branch for an instant photo booth.
  • Use a book shelf to serve snacks from. Line the back with fabric for the day using spray adhesive – follow directions on the can for “temporary use.”
  • Get more bang for your buck by incorporating guest favors into the party itself. Here, the designer cookies wrapped in cellophane, and dress-up attire can all be taken home as parting gifts.

SPECIAL NOTE: I receive emails and questions all the time, about where to find the crown centerpiece. I conceptualized and created it my self using a wooden fish bowl/plant stand in gold, some floral foam, and a decorative crown found at stores like TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, Burlington Coat Factory, HomeGoods, etc.

Vendors: Styling – Chris Nease – Celebrations At Home/ Photographer – Julie Renee Photography/ Printables – Bird’s Party/ Princess Motif Cookies – Lori’s Place/ Tutus & Flower head bands – Cole Baby Tutu’s / Tiaras & flower wands Fluffy Tuffies/ Cupcakes – The Sweetest Thing

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  1. Hi Chris, first off you did an amazing job with the decorations. I fell in love with the centerpieces and I found the crown but i just cant find the little stand if you can please let me know where you found the stand. Please and thank you.

  2. Heyy chris i fell in love with those centerpieces i want them for my baby shower do you know where i can buy them?

  3. Is is just beautiful. By any chance where can I find the crown you used for the topping I fell in love with the center pecies

  4. Can someone please tell where to find the crowns for the centerpiece? I’ve been looking for them everywhere and I cant seem to find them !

    1. The question has been answered above. Stores are mentioned, or do a Google search for “decorative crown” and lots will come up.

  5. How does 1 replicate this for a 31st birthday on the 31st day of the month. A crown birthday…

    1. Suvarna, I think many of the details could be replicated and then you just use a more grown up graphic and adult food selection.

  6. So so so beautiful party!! Love it!!! Everything stunning!!!
    I’m from Brasil, and if its ok, i’ll share the post (with a link to your site)!

  7. Hi. I really love this princess tea party. I am wanting to do a similar party for my friends bridal shower but for adults but I have a question. I really love that gold decorative crown center piece with the flowers. Where would I finds those?

    1. Thank you, Starla. The crowns can usually be found at places like HomeGoods, TJMaxx or Marshalls, maybe even Ross stores. Also Burlington Coat Factory might have them.
      Good luck!

  8. great site and adorable photos! I have a feeling I’m going to be on a pinning craze while here!

  9. LOVE LOVE the ideas! Planning our 2nd Princess Party for next year (carriage and all). Please tell me where you got that frame. Love it and the centerpiece? Thanks!

    1. Thank you Gretchen,

      I think I need to create a tutorial for the centerpiece! I did it my self with a plant stand, crown from TJMaxx, floral foam, & flowers.

      The frame is from IKEA – I painted it white (it comes in black).

  10. What an amazing party! My daughter’s birthday is next month and we are planning a princess party. This gives us such good ideas.

  11. WOW!! What an absolutely GORGEOUS party! What I wouldn’t give to be a little princess again πŸ˜‰ Fortunately I have one of my own – and she would just love to have a party like this one! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!!

  12. so cute! Having this theme party for my daughters 3rd birthday in Nov. Would love to win the package!

  13. Love the entire theme!! My daughter is really into the princess scene! Great ideas for her upcoming birthday! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  14. omg this is beyond adorable, my twin daughters are turning 4 and we are having a tea party for them… and this is perfect, even if i don’t win; this has given me some really amazing ideas.. thank you so much!!

  15. My daughter turns 4 in November & would absolutely LOVE this! I will definately pay the shipping if I win! Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  16. I will gladly pay the shipping. I have 3 neices that would think I am the best aunt ever!!! Pick me!

  17. I just threw a tea party with a few of the girls and gals from our school and would have loved these ideas before planning my event! I love the frame idea! Thanks for more creativity and I would love to win the Starter Kit!

  18. I know several three and four-year olds who would love to have a princess tea party birthday! Sharing your link with their mommies!

  19. I have two granddaughters who would love to have a princess party for their birthdays. The details are lovely. We would love to win the party starter set. Thank you!

  20. I would L-O-V-E to win the yummy princess party! It’s perfect timing because my little princess has a celebration coming up on the calendar and nothing could be more awesome than winning this and paying the shipping with my handy dandy paypal account!!!

  21. I have four girls at my house ranging in age from 12 to 18 months. We love princess items, and we still have many a birthday party ahead for us! Love the details – I am a photographer, and love details! Thanks for the opportunity to get this whole dreamy set!

  22. Love love love. I have two little princess’ who would love to have this party. I would jump at the chance to only spend $20 for shipping. Very cute.

  23. Wonderful job on putting this together and fabulous photos!!! I would love to do something like this!!

  24. Thank you for sharing such a lovely party!!!! I would love to do something similiar for my little girl.

  25. Thanks you for everything Chris, you did a phenomenal job here as always and I’m so happy we got to work together on this!! XOXO

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