Fall Dessert Party With Girl Friends

I have one of the most beautiful and inspiring dessert parties to share with you today. This gathering for a group of girl friends comes from Rosie of Simply Rosie Photography, and was pulled together with the help of one of her friends, Rosella of Rosellas Lane Etsy shop, who is a master at crafting, sewing, food, & decor. They set up a dining area, a welcome area, and a photo booth in Rosie’s back yard and transformed the space into the most magical gathering place.

The welcome area is a stunner as it hosts an old ladder (turned on it’s side) with a quilt thrown over it, a suitcase with candlesticks on top, and a ruffled tablecloth (sewn by Resella) topped with a bird cage filled with favors. The favors were small sachet sacks filled with lavender scented rice and had each persons name tied on. A large chalk board is propped up with a simple “welcome” message.

Once ‘inside’ the guests were greeted by the most inviting dining table made out of an old barn door and surrounded by rustic chairs and benches. To warm up the seating even more, they threw small pillows and throws over the benches. A banner made of burlap and fabric flowers hung above while red and yellow hanging poms added a punch of color overhead. The table was draped with a few layers of coordinating burlap so the charm of the door would show.

I love the eclectic tabletop where every place setting is different. This is so much more interesting to look at and can be easier to pull together for a large crowd than having all matching pieces. From the plates, to the napkins, to the coffee mugs each person has a unique place to sit. Thrift stores and antique shops can be a goldmine when looking for these items.

The food was all home baked and served up in style. Vintage stamped tags marked what each dish was and matching flags adorned the brownies and mini pies. They were also presented on thrift store server ware. Coffee and a tropical punch were served, as well as cold milk from classic milk bottles.

The photo booth at this party was pretty incredible. An old rusty iron daybed with hand made pillow covers was the perfect spot to pose, while a sheer canopy hung from above. The backdrop to the canopy was another old barn piece with an empty frame attached to add even more character. Old books, chalkboard frames, and mustaches on sticks round out the area, and a tree branch is placed so instant photos can be tied on to the branches.

This is the kind of party that lives in my head but never quite makes it to reality. The shabby chic items and hand made details bring warmth to an afternoon with the ladies. The perfect way to spend an Autumn day!

Photos: Simply Rosie Photography & Eden Photography

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  1. This is beautiful the details are amazing love the idea of different patterns of plates love the shabby chic look.
    Simply beautiful. Happy fall Chris! Best of luck and success

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