An Adult Garden-Fairy Birthday

fairy-banner-and-dessert-tableThis beautiful party was designed by Paula at Frog Prince Paperie, for her mother’s birthday.  She created a sophisticated, yet still magical, Fairy theme that was suitable for family members of all ages.  Take a look at all the lovely butterfly and garden details:
Every area of the party was touched with some elegant detail.  This is so inspiring for any girl’s birthday or shower.  You can see even more on Paula’s blog.

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  1. I love this idea! My daughter had a fairy party for her 6th birthday and what a fun party that was to plan…..she might like it again as a teen with this sweet theme! I just threw my son a fishing party for his birthday last week so that was a new direction for me.
    Love your ideas, I have your blog on my sidebar!

  2. Lovely party! It's always fun with adults get to celebrate the kid within us!

  3. Beautifully executed. I'm loving the trend of typical children's themes turned into sophisticated adult events!

  4. What a GORGEOUS table display! I love how the savory food is so beautifully presented, and not just the desserts.

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