Great Gifts for Entertaining

Find great Gifts for Entertaining right here. I’ve got bar and tabletop picks that will have you hosting in style!

Find great Gifts for Entertaining right here. I've got bar and tabletop picks that will have you hosting in style! #gifts #giftgiving #entertaining

Since it’s gift-giving season I thought I’d share some of my favorite gifts for entertaining. Whether you’re shopping for someone else, sending your list to another person, or simply shopping for yourself, these items have been personally curated and approved by me. Most of what’s here I’ve either tried it, currently own it, or it’s on my own wish list. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in any of these.

From creating the perfect bar to setting a dinner table for guests, there’s something for all occasions.

Gifts for Entertaining:

Find great Gifts for Entertaining right here. I've got bar and tabletop picks that will have you hosting in style! #gifts #giftgiving #entertaining

Pick one or two items for the list as they make great companion gifts. These are all available via Amazon and if you have Prime then you know shipping is free and fast. Note, these are affiliate links.

  1. The Art of the Bar Cart – this book is full of inspiring images of bar carts and diy bar displays, as well as delicious recipes! This makes for a really pretty coffee table book too.
  2. Flavored Simple Syrup Set – this set will take your homemade cocktails to a whole new level. Trust me on this one!
  3. Wine Aerator – this tool adds air to your wine which enhances the flavor. This is a MUST for red wine lovers.
  4. Copper Citrus Press – this simple tool has single-handedly changed my life. Seriously! It makes adding lemon or lime juice to ANYTHING so much easier!
  5. Copper Muddler – I love this tool, and the look of it!
  6. Decorative Bitters Bottle – I have two of these and they are beautiful on a bar cart or tray, like I used them here. I use flavored bitters in drinks all the time now!
  7. Set of Bitters – adding a dash or two of bitters to your cocktails is like adding a little spice. It adds dimension to your drink. Trust me on this one.
  8. In Style Parties – this is the new edition of their previous book (same title) with all new photos, ideas, and recipes. Wonderful guide for entertaining.
  9. Black Wine Stems – you’ve seen me use mine here. They’re just so elegant.
  10. Black & White Dish Set – these are on my wish list. I love the marbled effect in black and white, and they set the scene for the black glasses and flatware!
  11. Black Flatware 4-piece set – I’m obsessed with this set. You’ve seen me use them in my Halloween table as well as my Thanksgiving table…and I’m pretty sure I’ll use them for Christmas too!
  12. Marbled Paper Placemats – these marble-printed paper placemats are so pretty and can host a multitude of occasions. They’re disposable and come in a pad of 30 sheets so you have plenty for multiple gatherings or one large event.

Happy shopping!

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