Game Day Ice Cream Bar with a Twist

A game day ice cream bar is the perfect dessert option for the big sports event. Check out this twist on an ice cream sundae, below.

game day ice cream bar with football play backdrop

It’s football fever around here with all the playoff games, and now the Super Bowl just around the corner. I put together a simple game day ice cream bar using a few items I had, plus food and decorative pieces from my Target run.

This is not an ice cream sundae bar. I was more inspired by the idea of ice cream “add-ins” rather than a full sundae with lots of syrups and toppings. I’ve been a longtime lover of the Archer Farms trail mixes, and I thought they’d make interesting ingredients mixed into vanilla-bean ice cream. This would be a fun, simple dessert idea for your game day party OR in addition to this game day popcorn bar.

Check out my step-by-step details below.

game day ice cream bar with trail mix toppings game day ice cream bar vanilla ice cream scoops in white bowl game day ice cream bar with black and white trail mix topping in glass jar game day ice cream bar with canisters of trail mix game day ice cream bar with dried fruit toppings in glass canister ice cream bowl with trail mix topping

How to Set up a Game Day Ice Cream Bar

  • I set the scene with an old turf mat I cut from the home improvement store years ago. This is the playing field for your game-day treats.
  • The backdrop is a chalkboard with some football plays in the classic form.
  • Vanilla-bean ice cream is pre-scooped into a bowl and placed back into the freezer until ready to serve.
  • I used a gift box as a riser to elevate the bowl of ice cream. I chose the black and white stripes because it’s reminiscent of the referees’ shirts.
  • A collections of colorful bowls are the perfect size for the ice cream desserts. I chose blue and orange to reflect the colors of the teams playing.
  • Options are great, so I picked three varieties of trail mix to choose from: Black & White, Handful of Everything, and Caramel Cashew.
  • I made pennant picks to place into each trail mix so guests would know which is which.
  • Don’t forget scoops and spoons for the ice cream and trail mix retrieval!

The children and grown-ups alike will love making their own ice cream dessert bowl. Personally, I like to add a little bit of everything to mine!

What’s your favorite game day dessert?

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