Pink & Blue Winter Dessert Table

This pink & blue winter dessert table has an ethereal icy quality and is perfect for a special event. 

If you’re longing for a snowy winter you may have to create it your self with these ideas from Sweets Indeed. Marie sent in this Winter dessert table she designed with a pretty palette of pink, blue, and white. She added pretty snowflake details for extra pizzazz.

For a monochromatic version check out this winter wonderland dessert table in silver and white.

The desserts are mostly white with a few pink accents and many of these ideas you can re-create for your own winter party. Check out all the lovely photos and read my tips for getting this look.

  • The scene is set with a base of white fabric and blue hued lighting. The effect is ethereal and magical.
  • Snowflake cookies can be made or purchased and nestled into a bed of Sixlets candies for an edible base.
  • Simple cupcakes are topped with a dollop of blue & pink colored cotton candy available at most Dollar Tree stores.
  • I love the “sugarplum tree” centerpiece Marie created. You can do this with manzanita branches by spray painting them white and inserting them into craft foam {or rocks or marbles}. Cover the base with shredded white paper or fake “snow” or rock salt. Marie then hung “sugar plums” on the tree – these are actually almond sugar cookies with buttercream filling wrapped in cellophane and topped with a “leaf”.
  • Cake pops are easy to make and decorate. The pink snowflakes and swirls are easy to do with piping supplies and melted chocolate….just requires a little patience.

  • Christmas snowflake ornaments are used throughout the display as a little extra detail: they adorn the box risers, are a base for food tags, and dress up favor bags.
  • To round out the entire dessert display the table is flanked by branches spray painted white and strung with white Christmas lights.  You can hunt your yard for bare branches to do this.

This dessert table is full of great ideas for a winter wedding, birthday, or any other occasion, and filled with lots of ideas you can pull off your self!

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  1. Hi.
    I wonder where can you purchase or rent a blue or pink hue lighting in the background? Local hardware store? It’s for a baby shower.

  2. Winter Wonderland Dessert Table > How much a set like this winter wonderland dessert table will cost???

  3. This is a beautiful table and made me want to indulge in some sugary treats. The colours and sparkle also left me feeling a little chilly, the power of fantastic design & photography.

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