How to Set Up A Lemonade Stand

How do you set up a lemonade stand that everyone loves – even adults? No, we’re not making the kids sell cocktails. We’re adding ice coffee to the mix! This is a fun way to get everyone in the neighborhood to chip in and support young enterprise. But that’s not all. See our list of ways to turn a lemonade stand into fund raisers, or a party bar for summer entertaining

All the ideas you need to know to set up a lemonade stand with the kids.

Now that summer is in full swing you may be looking for interesting things to do with the kids. I have some great ideas to set up a lemonade stand as it seems like one of those rights of passage that so many kids want to experience. I’ve teamed up with International Delight once again, to bring you a modern twist on the classic – a Lemonade & Iced Coffee stand. We think it’s a great idea to serve lemonade for the kids, and iced coffee for the grown ups!

I put together some ideas and tips to help you get started, but there’s also a free printable set available if you want to go that route. Read on for all the details…

Lemonade & iced coffee stand Lemonade & iced coffee stand Lemonade & iced coffee stand

Where to Set Up A Lemonade Stand

There are many opportunities for setting up a Lemonade and Ice Coffee Stand. When we used to have neighborhood yard sales, the kids would set up their own refreshment stand and it was a huge hit! Here are some more ideas.

  • Set up during a yard sale.
  • Set up as part of a church fund raiser or charity drive.
  • Set up on a busy but safe corner in the neighborhood.
  • Create a mobile stand by loading up a wagon with the supplies.
  • Set one up as part of a school fund raiser.
  • Set up for a block party and take donations for charity.

Lemonade & iced coffee stand Lemonade & iced coffee stand Lemonade & iced coffee stand Lemonade & iced coffee stand

How to Set Up A Lemonade Stand

In order to get traffic to your stand, make it attractive and inviting. Use some cute display pieces along with pitchers and dispensers to hold the beverages.

  • Keep a cooler filled with ice behind the stand and fill cups as needed when pouring drinks.
  • Use chalkboard or printable signs to display prices and other information.
  • In addition to lemonade and iced coffee, sell small baked goods too. Here, I pre-packaged 4 different treats into 4 different colored bags for easy reference. A great selection would be cookies, rice krispies treats, and brownies as they are all easily handled and won’t melt or get messy.
  • I created a colorful display by using a fabric bunting, colorful snack bags, straws, paper cups, and even flowers.
  • Don’t forget your money tray and small bills and coins so you can hand change back to your customers.

Lemonade & iced coffee stand Lemonade & iced coffee stand Lemonade & iced coffee stand Great ideas to set up a lemonade stand!

The Business

Lemonade stands are a great way to teach kids about money. Set up the stand as a small business venture for the kids to make their own cash, OR set it up as a charity fund raiser and give the proceeds to a needy cause. Set the prices accordingly – if this is for charity you can go a little higher with your prices because people know it’s going to a worthy cause.

To help you get started on a Lemonade and Iced Coffee stand, download and print the Free Printable Set here. 

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