Last Minute Oscars Party Ideas

With only 2 days left until the Oscars, I thought I’d put a few ideas together to help you pull off a stylish Oscars viewing party. Since this is so last minute I had to think about what you could realistically do in 48 hours. I like the idea of black and white and gold, so that was the starting point. Here are some of the ideas:
popcorn bar

  • Just the idea of turning napkins into bowties is enough to make me want to set a glamorous table like this one. Black and white set the tone while gold accents add pops of sparkle.
  • Serve mini champagne bottles with black straws. You’ll save on glass ware and you can hang cute name tags around the bottle – add to the theme by using Oscar nominee’s names instead of guest’s.
  • Make sure to keep food light enough so you still have an appetite for a chic popcorn bar. Serve different flavors from savory to sweet using disposable snack boxes.
  • A black and white dessert table is a must. Black and white parfaits and other sweets are easy to assemble, and items with a golden hue {like donuts} blend in nicely.
  • Top off some treats with golden stars cut out of glitter paper and attached to a pick.
  • Get FREE downloads of the Best Picture nominees and place these tags on vases, favor bags, or on picks to insert into flower arrangements.
  • A few more ideas – Make a quick run to the party store for some golden statuettes; Hang a gold lame “curtain” for photo ops; Include photo booth props like boas, hats, & sunglasses; Offer up voting ballots to your guests to fill out.



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  1. Though I am not going to attend Oscars anytime soon but the article you wrote is really interesting and was wort every second I spent reading it.

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