How To Make Cheesecake Pops

Cheesecake is a classic dessert and I love playing around with different ways to serve it for parties and entertaining {you know it has to be CUTE, right!}. I also love convenience foods since I don’t have time to make/bake from scratch when there are so many other things going on like cleaning, decorating, preparing other food items, etc. That’s why I came up with 5 different ways you can use or transform prepared frozen or no-bake cheesecake.

The first idea is the cheesecake parfaits I showed you earlier, and I’ll share the others in upcoming posts. Today I want to show you how easy it is to make Cheesecake Pops!  These start with a frozen prepared cheesecake…

Easy Cheesecake Pops

  • 1 frozen cheesecake – do not allow to thaw or it becomes too soft to work with.
  • mini scoop & lollipop sticks
  • chocolate for melting
  • sprinkles, sugar crystals, or edible glitter dust, if desired

Use the mini scoop {or a spoon} to scoop out small balls from the cheesecake. Roll between your palms to form the balls evenly.

Insert a lollipop stick into the cheesecake balls and place into the freezer to firm up – about an hour.

When cheesecake pops are ready, melt chocolate over a double boiler until soft and smooth.

Dip the frozen pop into the chocolate and covering the stick slightly to form a secure bond. Spoon chocolate over the pop to help cover it evenly.

Tap the stick lightly against the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate and then stand the pop on wax paper to set up. Conversely, you can place the stick in a small glass or foam base so the pop is smooth and round.

Top with assorted sprinkles if desired, while the chocolate is still warm and soft so that it adheres to the pop.

Store pops in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

More Tips:

  • You can see that these cheesecake pops can be displayed in either of two ways:  using the cheesecake pop as a base, or upright with the lollipop stick inserted into foam or other holder.
  • You can also see that these look a little “rustic” and not perfectly round.  I kinda like it that way because it looks more homemade, and let’s be honest, if I take the time to do this I want the credit for it. LOL  But if you are more of a perfectionist, then you can roll your cheesecake balls out more smoothly and double dip in the chocolate for a more rounded look.
  • Use different colors of chocolate melts to match your party decor.  You can also drizzle melted chocolate in a contrasting color, over the prepared pops to create a zigzag pattern like the ones in this Sweet 16 dessert table.
  • Make these into cheesecake “truffles” by following the directions above but omitting the lollipop stick.  Use a toothpick to dip them with, and then remove it while they set up.

Bon Appetit!


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  1. These look delicious! I just wish pops of any kind weren’t so time consuming. They are always adorable! Thanks for the great idea!

    1. The nice thing, Leslie, is that the frozen cheesecake takes a lot of the time & work out of it. Plus, you can do these several days ahead and keep them refrigerated! 😀

  2. Just WOW! Am looking for ideas for my daughters’ party and this is going on the ‘to make’ list. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting “hungry mum”. These really are easy and delicious. Have fun decorating them!

  3. I am absolutely going to be trying this recipe!! Cheesecake is my hubby’s favorite! Thank you!

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