Fun Pool Party Ideas

Check out some fun pool party ideas for your next summer gathering. These tips and ideas includes some super cute decorations and activities.

Check out these fun pool party ideas for your next summer party.

If you have a pool or just want to host a backyard party with a tropical vibe, then you’re going to love the pool party ideas I’m sharing today.

Check out these fun pool party ideas for your next summer party.

This party exhibits a tropical vibe with pineapples and flamingos, but also carries out the pool theme with beach balls, a pool noodle “garland,” and lots of playful floats.

Since this is outdoors and would likely be set up around water and a concrete surround, using disposable dinnerware is a smart move. White disposable dinnerware is used for serving food, but also for decoration and activities. Did you notice the scalloped banner is made from the paper plates?

Check out these fun pool party ideas for your next summer party.

I’ve only ever had a neighborhood pool but a backyard pool party sounds like such fun!

PARTY TIP: Don’t have your own private pool? Set up several kiddie pools in the back yard to bring in the pool atmosphere in a whimsical way.

Check out these fun pool party ideas for your next summer party.

Our friends at Evite® created this pool party that incorporates items from the Chinet® Classic White™ line of disposable tableware. And some of the pieces are used in very unique and clever ways!

One of my favorite ideas from this party is the creative use of the square plates. They turned them into letter “tiles” for a word scramble game!

Easy, classic bbq food is served in an inviting and pretty presentation, while the decorative palette is colorful and festive.

I can just see myself lounging and sipping a cocktail by the water. These fun pool party ideas are totally doable and look impressive.

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  1. To get everyone up and moving, set up a volleyball net in the pool so they can compete with one another. Get an inflatable net that floats in your pool or one that you can install on top of your pool deck.

  2. So much fun. I know a couple kids in our house who would love to paint pineapples for a party!!! 🙂

  3. This party has me so inspired as I’m in the middle of planning and watermelon and pineapple baby shower for August. So much goodness here!

  4. Such fun ideas!! Using the square plates as tiles for a word scramble is brilliant! Now I want to throw a goodbye summer pool party ??

  5. Such great ideas! We also have community pools so the idea of using several small ones is so fun! And love the lawn game idea!

    1. Sharon, isn’t that diy word game the coolest! With these temps we’re having this week, I could go for this party NOW!

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