Easter Peeps Garden Centerpiece DIY

Easter centerpiece diy
One of the cutest elements (and most commented on) from my Easter Brunch design was the centerpiece for the children’s table.  The Peeps garden, or “bunny trail” is simple to make and here’s what you do:
A “fence” style planter box from Michael’s (or similar)
Craft foam
1 or 2 Faux grass squares from Michael’s (or similar)
Bagged moss
Small wooden sign
Chalkboard paint (and other craft paint is necessary)
  1. Cut your craft foam to fit inside the box, leaving a bit of room on each side to be filled with the moss.
  2. Tuck in some moss to cover the foam for a finished look from the outside.
  3. Place the grass patch on top of the foam.  You may need to cut one of the grass squares in order to fill the space you have.
  4. Paint small wooden signs from the craft store (these were some I found at Target last year already painted).
  5. Once the paint is dry, tape off the borders and paint the center with chalkboard paint.
  6. Attach a small wooden skewer to the backside with glue dots.
  7. Insert skewers into Peeps.
  8. Place Peeps and small sign into the grass patch and foam, and use as your centerpiece.
You can also add tiny flowers, chocolate candy eggs or jelly beans, or other decorative items to dress it up more.
Easter centerpiece diy

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  1. This is so sweet! My little one is going to love making this with me. Now that the Easter Tree is done, we need a new project! Thanks for sharing!

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