DIY Mini Cake Banner Topper

diy mini cake banner topper

I don’t think I’ve shared a DIY project on here in….forever!  The truth is, I feel like most of the diy projects I do are so simple and basic that they don’t need explaining.  I worry that if I don’t put something on here that’s overly complicated, then it’s not worthy.  Well, I’m just going to throw that thinking out the window and try to share a few more tutorials on the blog.  Even if it doesn’t require a lot of explanation, I think some projects or details beg for their own designated post.

This diy mini cake banner is a good example and a good place to start.  For one thing, you can use this concept for ANY occasion, plus, just having those tiny glitter letters on hand opens up a world of possibilities for other projects!  I made this topper for the golden party ideas here.  Of course you could use the letters to spell out “baby” or “xoxo” or “congrats” ….whatever will fit will work!

mini banner diy diy mini banner

Mini Banner Cake Topper 


  • 2 – 6 inch wooden skewers
  • bakers twine
  • Gold glittered chipboard letters
  • Adhesive glue dots


Choose the letters you want to use and lay them face down.

Measure and cut your bakers twine so there is enough length to display the letters and to tie onto each skewer.

Place a small adhesive dot on the back and top of each letter, and attach the bakers twine to it. Press down to make sure it’s secure.

Tie the ends to each skewer and insert it into the top of the cake.

how to make a mini cake banner

You can dress up the simplest of cakes with this topper idea.  Save money and get a cute, creative, and personalized detail all at the same time!

Let me know what you think.  Cheers!

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