DIY Ombre Style Gold-Glittered Bottle

ombre style gold glittered bottle #diy

I hope you’re not tired of seeing this gold glittered champagne bottle yet, because today I’m going to tell you how I did it.  There are a few key steps to getting this look compared to many of the other inspiration pieces I’ve seen that actually rolled the items in gold glitter.  I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to fight off tiny glitter flakes for the next week after a project, nor do I want it falling off of the item that I’ve glittered! {which you know it does}

This bottle is done in layers so you get that “ombre” effect, but more through texture than color.  You can glitter any bottle in this way and it will make your celebration that much more, well, celebratory!  I have some important tips for you about this project, and keep in mind you can do this with silver glitter too.

gold paint choices

How to make an ‘ombre’ style glittered bottle

  • diy glitter gold champs bottle diagramAll you need to get started is your unopened, unchilled bottle of champagne or wine, metallic gold spray paint, and RUST-OLEUM GLITTER spray paint.   Rust-oleum hasn’t sponsored this post, but I’ve wasted my money {twice} on Krylon’s glitter blast spray paint and there seems to be a fundamental flaw in the design of the spray cans {this finding was concurred by my informal survey on Instagram a while back}.  Sorry Krylon – I do love your other products!
  • Regarding the bottle, I actually used a bottle of Prosecco that didn’t have a paper label on it – the name is just sort of printed right on the bottle.  That made this easier to paint.  Otherwise, you’ll need to remove the paper label using Goo-gone or other method.
  • For step one you’ll want to spray a base coat of gold metallic paint.  No need to tape off the top of the bottle.  Instead just eyeball it and work from the bottom up so you get that “fade out” effect at the top edge.  Let dry completely.
  • Step two you’ll use the glitter paint and spray on top of the first gold layer covering the bottom half and again, fading out towards the top.  You don’t want to cover the first layer of gold completely – just the bottom half. This is how you get that ombre effect to the total look.  Let dry and repeat another layer of glitter spray paint for fuller coverage.  Let dry completely.
  • Finally, chill your bottle and serve.
  • TIP:  Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle to add extra pizzazz, and to cover any paper residue left behind from that area.
  • You can see how I used this bottle in the dessert table display and a romantic table for two.

diy glitter gold champs bottle

What do you think – is this something you’d like to try?  It doesn’t take long, just a little drying time between steps.  Let me know if you do it. Have a great day!

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  1. I love this idea for asking someone to be a bridesmaid. I am thinking of putting custom labels on champagne bottles and thought this would be a cute idea to do to the bottle and the put the labels on. Do you think they will stick?

    1. Danielle, if the labels are pretty sticky I think you’ll be okay. Also if it’s a band that goes all the way around the bottle, you have that tension to help keep it in place. As an alternative you could always just tie pretty tags around the neck.
      I love your idea for using them as bridesmaid “asks”

    1. Oh, Michelle, I can’t believe you haven’t’ played around with glitter paint as crafty as you are! Go for it!

    1. Annabelle, you typically need to do a base coat with a paint specifically made for plastic. That being the manufacturers recommendation, I say give it a try anyway (on 1 test item) and see how it goes. Let us know if you do!

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