Black & Tan Patio Decor with Greenery

Check out our Black & Tan Patio Decor with Greenery for this summer’s outdoor living inspiration. There’s plenty of time for outdoor summer entertaining and it all starts with a fabulous space for you and your guests to gather. This patio decor is inviting and cozy and will transport you to a tropical paradise…even if it’s only in your mind!

black & tan patio decor with greenery

This Black & Tan Patio Decor with Greenery is the perfect space for outdoor entertaining

Take a vacation or staycation right in your own back yard with this beautiful outdoor living space. Invite guests over and host a green dinner party next to this space and enjoy patio life. 

My black & tan patio decor with greenery is the second in a series of posts that are inspired by the color green. The first one was the lemon & lime tartlets recipe I shared. This year I’ve been drawn to a neutral palette with green accents throughout. It works beautifully on the patio where green plants can thrive and be shown in all their glory.

You’ve seen my patio decorated for a peach botanical garden party and my modern-boho patio decor perfect for transitional weather. Now you can see how it’s transformed into a comfortable and serene space that’s cozy and inviting.

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Create a haven for outdoor living with these tips

I know a lot of people love to add color, color, color, especially outdoors. But I can’t help but love the calm feeling this black & tan patio with greenery gives me.

  • Investing in a sectional set for outdoors is a great idea. You can configure it so many different ways, from a sofa for lounging to separate seating around the fire pit. It’s just so practical! Here I arranged it into a 3-piece sofa along with a settee.
  • The “floor” is covered in layers of rugs and helps define the area just as it does inside the house. I have the neutral rug from last year and added this new black and white rug on top. I learned an old design trick many years ago, from a pro: adding a little black to a space helps to ground it. I’ve tried to implement that rule ever since.
  • Back door lighting is fine for utilitarian use, but to add ambiance to outdoor entertaining, string lights and hanging lanterns are my favorite. We’re lucky to have the deck to hang lanterns from, but you could also use garden hooks or a pergola.
  • Bring the indoors out with pillows and throws to help reinforce the style and color scheme. I used pillows with lots of texture in order to bring interest to this neutral zone.
  • Finally, add in the greenery and watch your patio come alive…literally! Heat loving plants like cactus, succulents, palms, and banana leaf are great to use. They add green as well as a variety of textures. Bring some of your indoor plants outside too, even if it’s just for the night.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your evening. Invite friends or neighbors over for cheese and cocktails. Play some tunes on Spotify, turn on the string lights, and relax the night away.

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