40th Birthday Dinner Party

This event was for a male 40th birthday! A celebration dinner party alfresco. I went with the colors of blue and green because they are typically “male” colors, and matched the hydrangeas beautifully. There are lots more pics in our Flickr set or Facebook album.
  •  The take home favors were chocolate covered Oreo’s stacked and wrapped.
  •  Our little homage to the birthday guy: picture of him at age 2, and “C” for Chuck, was on the cookies inserted into cupcakes. The icing was tinted a pale green.
Because this was a gathering of friends who all know each other pretty well, a fun game to play was “2 truths and a lie.” Each person writes down 3 statements, 2 are true and 1 is a lie. Everyone else guesses which they think the lie is…Fun with lots of laughs!

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  1. I guess I should add, the note on the "game" table is from a piece of card stock I've had for a while, and the holder is from Office Depot.

  2. Christi, you are too kind. We have a "semi-fancy" Minolta camera…and believe me, my photography skills are somewhere between basic and barely there!; D

    Enchanted Expectations, are you refering to the tags around the straws? Those are from a pad of sticky notes with pink, green, and blue tripes on it. I just cut out the blue and the green stripes to wrap around the straws!

  3. I know I have already left a comment, but I just have to tell you again how great the first picture is! It should be in a magazine or book! What camera do you use?

  4. This party is fantastic. I love the color combo. You always have the best place card holders. Where do you find them?

  5. Chris
    To say i adore your site is a big understatement, its FABULOUS!!!! Your ideas are spectacular and not $$ over the top either! I can't wait to read all your back posts!!! Lori

  6. Thank you everyone!

    Elizabeth, I set the table up under a tent so we hung them from the overhead bars. If you don't have a tent, you may be able to string a line between 2 points(2 trees, for instance) and hang the lanterns from the line.

    Rachel, I would love the link…I love your site!

  7. Very very cool party! I love the colors! The tablescapes are really neat too! Those jars for glasses….love it. And what guy doesn't love oreo cookies….great favor idea.

  8. What a beautiful party and tablescape! You did a fabulous job and I am sure the party was fun too. Question about the paper lanterns…what did you use to hang them from outdoors above the table? I love using them, but sometimes don't have the right spot to hang them.

  9. What a pretty tablescape! Your hydrangeas are perfect! Love the colors.

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