DIY Meringue And Marshmallow "Mushrooms"

I designed a “Little Outdoorsman” party for Bird’s Party E-zine a couple of months ago.  The snack table was filled with treats that went with the theme like gummy worms & fish, trail mix, and these cute and tasty meringue & marshmallow “mushrooms.”  They make an adorable presentation when nestled among chocolate “rocks” (from Walmart).  Here’s how to make them for your own rustic party theme…
Meringue & Marshmallow “Mushrooms”:
1. You will need large marshmallows, chocolate chip meringue cookies, white icing, and cocoa powder.
2. Cut the marshmallow in half, lengthwise. Roll one of the halves between the palm of your hands in order to round it out.
3. Roll the marshmallow in the cocoa powder, and tap off the excess.
4. Spread a dollop of icing onto one end of the marshmallow and top with a meringue cookie.
Display your “mushrooms” in a shallow dish surrounded by chocolate “rocks”.

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