Summer Party Essentials

Some of the items I’ve compiled are new to the scene, but I feel like they add so much to a gathering, while others are items you will find at nearly every Summer party I host.

These summer party essentials are just what you need to be party ready.

  1. Wooden Cutlery – These are such a cute item to add to your outdoor celebration. They are biodegradable and you can dress them up with stamp & ink, embellish them with decorative tape, paint the handle, or buy them with the decorative details already added. So much cuter than plastic!
  2. Berry Baskets – These have been showing up everywhere this year in photo shoots & real parties. They add a touch of nostalgia and organic style as they remind us of the old country markets full of fresh produce. Use these for small lunch boxes {kid size}, favor boxes, line them down a table for a centerpiece filled with citrus, apples, berries, etc. or use them to serve snacks from.
  3. Drink Dispenser – Every party should have a signature drink and when you have a large decorative drink dispenser to serve it from, it not only looks great but makes it more convenient too. There are many styles to choose from so pick one you like and set it up where guests can help themselves.
  4. Ice Pops – Another item that seemed to hit the webs in a big way this year are these diy ice pop containers. Maybe because they are such an easy thing to do to add extra pizazz for kids and grown ups alike. Children love to eat them as is, and adults can pop them in a glass  of champagne for extra flavor. Just fill the molds with colorful juice and freeze.
  5. Canning Jars – Always an economical and stylish way to serve drinks, canning jars are one of my favorite things. I like to dress them up with ribbon, twine, bakers twine, lace, etc, according to the occasion. The mini 4 oz jars are also ideal for serving single-size portions of beans, salads, even cake.
  6. Food Net –  If you live in the hot humid South, you know how handy these food nets can be at keeping insects away from food. I have several of these in different sizes and shapes and they have come in handy over the years. No one wants to find a fly stuck to their pasta salad.
  7. Colorful Tray – One of the hardest working items you can have is a pretty tray. I like to have them in neutral colors like green or yellow, that can coordinate with many themes & palettes. Use them when you’re carrying things outside & setting up your tables, use them to serve drinks, to rally together like items, or even to hold a centerpiece.
  8. Frozen Drink Pouches This may be my new favorite thing of the summer. I was sent some of these Smirnoff & Parrot Bay freezer pouches to try this summer, and boy are they delicious and convenient. As one of my Facebook followers {Libby Lane Press} said, “It’s like Mommy’s Capri Suns at the beach!”
  9. Pretty Party Dress – Finally, every hostess needs to look the part and my go-t0 outfit for any summer party is a comfortable maxi dress – just ask anyone who knows me! What I love about them is that they can be casual but ‘dressed up’, they hide a multitude of ‘problem areas’, and they are extremely comfortable.

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