Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Sometimes it can be difficult to pull together details for an adult male birthday party, especially if you don’t use a grand traditional theme.

Today’s feature party shows you how to incorporate a few, very personalized details into a birthday celebration using what seems like an impossible starting point at first glance.

Sent to us by Rita & Ana of Dress Your Party in Portugal, this celebration was for a dear friend who is a web developer. Admittedly, their friend has some “particularities” which can only be appreciated by those who know him well – for instance he owns lots of sweats with stripes! Using this information along with incorporating the “H” for his name (Hugo), and computer coded messages to the décor, this party is incredible personal and I bet lots of fun for all the guests.

Here are some of the details by Rita and Ana: “Guests could get their own set of stripes to stick on their clothes and look like Hugo; as gifts they received a small cloth to clean glasses, screens, and everything that could make our work or life look better; there were code messages…

A small party, but full of details that identify and make Hugo such a special, and above all, happy person.”

 I love how very personal this party design is.  It also goes to show that a few simple details can make a great impact!

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  1. really an awesome tips man love chocolates, wines and hard core party and no one can deny it

  2. I love this, originality, good taste, creativity, detail, fantastic … I also want a party like this … I became a fan. congratulations

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