What’s the Meaning of Success?


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I like to call my self a social introvert. I LOVE to entertain and throw parties. I CRAVE social, “human” interactions like a dog craves a bone. And if I can’t make it to something I’m invited to, it rocks my world. That’s the social part. The introverted part has best been described here, and as such I pretty much can’t get out of my head…like, EVER!

I’m constantly having my own internal dialog and analyzing EVERYTHING. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and even depressing. Lately I’ve been thinking about success and what it means. There was even a small group conversation on Facebook about it and it really got me thinking about my own success, how I view it, and how I define it.

I’ve never been an overly competitive person in life. I’m always happy just being involved and enjoying the process. My senior year in high school I played on the tennis team and only played in 1 game before I lost my 6th seat place. But I really didn’t care because I wasn’t competitive about it. I was just there to have fun with the other girls on the team and do an after school activity.

When I started the business of blogging it was a very even playing field that soon became inundated with new bloggers and the “competition” began. It’s been one of the few times in my life that I ever felt like I NEEDED to compete, and the only way I knew how was to improve my own skills and abilities, not go head to head with someone else. It’s actually been a tougher lesson to learn than it sounds because there have been a lot of “vote for your favorite blog/blogger” scenarios on various websites and platforms, and when you don’t win you feel like crap.

The interesting thing for me is that I never win accolades or vote-offs when I’m in direct competition with someone else. Maybe those situations are the fuel to my fire though. They let me know I need to do something better than I’m already doing it. Improve my self/skills and good things will happen.

They say you should never stop learning and I think that’s true. If you want to be successful you have to continue to grow and evolve. Make your success about YOU, not about a competition with someone else. At this point in my career I’ve defined success for me as being in demand and obviously getting paid for it. It lets me know that the improvements I’ve been making are on the right track.

Every facet of life will have it’s own definition of success. Parenting, health & fitness, career, even being the kind of person you want to be, will all be defined differently for different people. The one truth though, is that if you improve your self in any way, then you are already successful.

I’d love to hear your success stories, definition of success, or thoughts on this as a whole. If we’re not growing, we’re not living!


P.S. – You want to know the irony of this? I’ve actually been chosen by one of my dream brands to go head to head with 3 other designers in a ‘vote-off’ coming this summer. I feel successful already, just to have been included!

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  1. Great post Chris! I am not one that likes to compete with anyone not in my nature. I think that everyone no matter what they do or line of work they are in has something to offer something of value. Should not matter whether your new, old or established the older and more established businesses can be such a big help and mentor to the newer ones starting out.

    I believe in supporting and helping everyone because many times you often get your inspiration from the ones that came before and you do the same for the ones that come up behind you. This article is great food for thought!

    1. Great outlook, Susan. I agree we should support and encourage each other! Unfortunately there’s a LOT of “I’m up here, you’re down there” attitude these days. 🙁

  2. Hello Chris,

    I have followed you for a long time..wishing I could be like you and having a business like you. I gave up along time ago, thinking what in the world and why I feel this way! I have come to the conclusion to be happy where I am along with where others are. Some things are not meant to be. Accept it move on and better yourself in other ways. I love, love your work, it is part of my business to be inspired by you. I call us partners, even though we have never meet. We share the same passion snd that is good enough for me. For you to post this tells me your success. You have got it…keep going.

    Your amazing!
    Best wishes, Bridget

    1. Bridget, you are so sweet. Your words mean so much to me. Thank you!
      Here’s to much success in your own business, too!

  3. Hi Chris, like you I never thought of myself as a competitive person until I was criticized by someone recently I thought of as a mentor, at first my feelings were hurt but when I thought about it, it occurred to me ‘she thought of me as competition’ …….wow! I had grown into a competitor without even realizing it! In the last year I have grown my business, my art and worked really hard to “just improve” and learn new things. The weird thing is I am really excited about it! Something I never get to say is YAY ME! Yay- to all the wonderful men and women who work hard at what they do and can see the finish line ahead, who care to learn new things and improve everyday!

    1. Donna I love that you can say “Yay Me!” I think it’s hard for women especially, to recognize when we are doing well, and to own it.
      I’m also glad to hear you’re still learning, improving and growing. Yay YOU!!

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