Overflowing Floral Arrangements

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Flowers can MAKE a table setting. If you don’t believe me just take a quick look on Pinterest, at “tablescapes” and you’ll see how many tables are simply set but have an amazing floral arrangement which truly takes it to another level.

One of the things I’m observing now is that trailing or overflowing arrangements are on trend like never before. Those are the ones that have long thin vines or leafy stems shooting out or draping over the sides. It almost looks messy….but very deliberate at the same time. The look is less formal than tight bouquets but still very chic and rich.

The great thing about these centerpieces is that they are still low enough to have a conversation with someone across the table, and since they spray out the sides, they take up plenty of visual space meaning the table looks full and lush. These types of arrangements also look beautiful when placed in small vessels like mini vases, goblets, or mini urns, and lined down the center of the table, or flanking a larger centerpiece.

Examples above:

  1. Waiting On Martha
  2. 100 Layer Cake
  3. House Beautiful
  4. The Perfect Palette
  5. Once Wed
  6. Ruffled Blog

You’ll notice the common threads among these displays is that they use a variety of  flowers, greens, and even fruit to get lots of texture and interest.  One of the problems I’m up against, besides not being a ‘floral designer’ is that Richmond is not exactly a booming metropolis with easy access to exotic blooms or amazing variety. Even still, in the spirit of improving my self I’m vowing to try my hand at something similar in the near future. It may not be as large and luxurious as these but I’m hoping I can channel this inspiration into something photo worthy.

For some tips on flower arranging, I’m reading here and here.

How do you like your flowers, and would you choose a professionally styled centerpiece when entertaining or do it yourself?

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