Thanksgiving Kids table

After creating the adult Thanksgiving tablescape I created a simple and easy table for the kids. I had in mind a table for elementary age kids. Using stylish paper products for big gatherings is a great idea and the Waverly Tableware line is versatile enough to go from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

There’s that manzanita branch AGAIN!  This time I hung small ribbons with acorns, from the limbs.  On the table a base of craft paper makes for easy clean up after the meal, and provides a canvas for drawing, writing, and games beforehand. 
For name placement I found cheesy crackers with letters on them and spelled out each persons name.  I also filled a tall vase with indian corn and let the kids guess how many are inside.

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  1. Those plates are so pretty and they look so nice against the butcher paper, which is such a cute idea too.

    My In-laws usually host Thanksgiving but my Father-in-law had emergency open heart surgery last week and so now I get to take over.

  2. Your table is beautiful! I love the idea of butcher paper for kids to draw on.

    We are doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning then eating at my moms. I can't wait!
    mommastaci33 at yahoo dot com

  3. I am headed to Zion National Park to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws and the rest of my husband's family. An outdoorsy, adventure Thanksgiving for us! Disposable tableware would be perfect for my Thanksgiving!

  4. Super duper CUTE!! We are hosting TG for the 1st time in a loong time! CANT WAIT!!! These would be AWESOME for my table πŸ™‚

  5. This couldn't be any better for my 4 grandchildren on Thanksgiving at my house. Love Love your idea and will definitely use it. You have given me the greatest solution to my what to do for the kids table. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Love the ideas! My husband, my son and I are going to both my parents' house and sister-in-laws on Thanksgiving. Have to bring my lil guy to both families!

  7. I am due with my second baby on Thanksgiving Day this year, so my plans may include a trip to the hospital. πŸ™‚ If not, we'll be making the rounds to local family festivities close to home.

  8. I've recently painted our dining room orange or to be exact, "Yam" by Martha Stewart Living so I'm excited to have my family here to celebrate!

  9. My mother hosts Thanksgiving. I would love to help her out more and bring the papergoods πŸ™‚ doing dishes is overrated these days with such beautiful paperie.

  10. How adorable is that table, and my my how awesome to have the names on chez it crackers!!!!! For Thanksgiving, I will be hosting my entire family, which is HUGE amounts of loving Fam, at our new home for the first time, so I am sooooo excited!!!!!

  11. This Thanksgiving also falls on the same day as my mother's birthday! I plan to celebrate both :O)

  12. This is so adorable Chris! We're going to my sister's new house this year for her first Thanksgiving in her new home. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  13. Our Thanksgiving plans are the usual 60-70 family and friends. We have games for the kids and serve buffett style.
    I love your kids table, I may have to steal that idea. Too stinkin' cute!

  14. I love the idea of butcher paper on the kids table for them to color! Thanks for the idea! I host Thanksgiving for 15 people with a couple kids and now 2 babies. It is fun and loud and I love it!

  15. oooh such pretty plates and napkins and cups!!!
    i plan on doing lunch at my house and having my family come over

  16. for the first time in years, I'm not hosting Thanksgiving but I plan on sharing these great ideas with my SIL. Our kids will love the cheese cracker placecards and Indian corn guessing game! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  17. What a great table!
    I am having Thanksgiving at our house (for the first time)…so my plan is to make it stress free πŸ™‚

  18. Chris, I love your table!!! Its totally kid friendly while still looking sophisticated. Well done, my friend! I am really enjoying the pattern on those napkins…

  19. These are great ideas!!! I am looking to find a unique and creative kid friendly centerpiece to decorate the table and this is awesome! My plans this year are to try and make the turkey as my hubby usually does it and to make a pumpkin cheesecake! Yummy!

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