8 Ideas For a Stress Free Football Party

Get 8 ideas for a stress free football party at home. These stylish party ideas are family friendly and perfect for game day entertaining.

stress free football party ideas

Stress Free Football Party for Game Day

The Big Game is around the corner and these snacks and party ideas will have you hosting in style.

Football season is in full swing and my Facebook feed is proof that everyone is cheering on their favorite team. I’ve never been much for sports per say, but I do love a good game day party!

Hosting a stress free football party is easy to do if you just follow a few simple rules. Keep it simple. Keep it universally appealing. And keep it delicious.

Follow these 8 easy ideas for a stress free football party on game day.

stress free football party food buffet

1. Set up a party snacks buffet

Put appetizers and party food on your console, open shelves, coffee table, or other side table. That way you won’t miss a play when you get up to grab a second serving.

Use a black and white striped runner to emulate the referee uniforms or purchase one of these football field runners.

stress free football party hot dog bar
stress free football party hot dogs in paper holders
stress free football party hot dog toppings

2. Serve something unexpected

I grabbed these MINI hot dogs from Sonic and put out my own toppings for a build-your-own hot dog station. I provided mustard & ketchup, chili, slaw, cheese, and pickled jalapenos. After having these minis, I think ALL hot dogs should be this size – love them!

stress free football party french fry cups

3. Make food easy to hold

Serve french fries in mule cups lined with newspaper or parchment paper.

These are inspired by our yearly vacations at the Homestead resort, where they serve french fries in tin cups. They look so dressed up in this manner and they’re easy to pick up and carry.

stress free football party pizza shaped like football

4. Serve “football” food

As in food that looks like a football. This pizza fits the job perfectly and is easy to make or dress up store bought or delivery.

Such an easy thing to do but makes a great visual. Just cut thin strips of sliced cheese and lay it down the center of the pizza like stitching.

Make your own football pizzas by shaping dough into an oblong shape. Or you can purchase oblong flatbread crust.

stress free football party decor

5. Easy Football Party Decor 

Make an easy centerpiece that you can use over and over again. I made these felt pennants in about 5 minutes and since I used black and white they work for ANY team.

The neutral pennants coordinate with this diy pennant banner I made and hung above the food bar here.

Place a vintage football inside a trophy-style cup and surround with greenery. You can reuse this décor over and over again like I did for these game day party ideas here.

stress free football party popcorn and peanuts cups

6. Have stadium snacks

Popcorn and peanuts in the shell are perfect stadium snacks. Serve them in striped boxes that fit the theme.

stress free football party drink tub

7. Keep drinks close by for easy refills

A big tub of ice cold drinks nearby insures that fans don’t miss a single play.

stress free football party paper lined tin pans

8. How to serve food

Use tin pie pans lined with parchment paper as your “plates.”

This is another restaurant trick I picked up. These tin pans are $1 each at the dollar store and they have the sides that keep any food from sliding or spilling off. They’re sturdier than paper plates and not as delicate as “real” dishes so they are a fantastic choice. They stack easily for storage too!

stress free football party snacks

These ideas will work for any game day party and for any team. You can use the decor year after year too. It’s great to work smarter, not harder!

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