St. Patricks Day Party Favors

These St. Patrick’s day party favors are whimsical and SWEET! Chocolate gold coins at the end of the rainbow carries out the holiday theme and is easy to create.

St Patricks day party favors, gold coins at the end of the rainbow.

These St. Patrick’s Day party favors include two of kids favorite things, balloons and chocolate!

It’s time for another quick and easy project with my partners at Balloon Time! This time we’re focusing on St. Patrick’s Day.

I came up with this cute party favor idea after seeing similar confetti bags being sold at the craft store. I thought the concept would be applicable to favor bags and balloons!

The idea is to offer up “Gold at the End of the Rainbow.” The gold being chocolates wrapped in gold foil, and the rainbow being brightly colored balloons. I always remember the colors of the rainbow from the acronym ROY G. BIV. Do you remember that from elementary school?!

Everything you need to make these St. Patrick’s day party favors is readily available. See below for some extra tips on how you can tailor this idea for various situations.

St Patricks day party favors diy, gold coins at the end of the rainbow. St Patricks day party favors, small chest of gold coins chocolates St Patricks day party favors, chocolate coins in mini bagsSt Patricks day party favors balloon display St Patricks day party favors with balloons


St Patrick’s day party favors diy

  • glassine or paper sacks
  • chocolate “gold coins”
  • hole punch
  • thin ribbon
  • balloons – the colors of the rainbow in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
  • Balloon Time helium tank

Place several chocolate coins in each favor bag and fold the top down to close them. Use the hole punch to make a hole within the folded section. Set aside.

Blow up each balloon with the helium tank and tie off with ribbon. Loop the other end of ribbon through the holes in the bags and tie off to secure.

Now place your balloons in the form of a rainbow and let guests grab their bag before they leave the party.

More Ideas & Hostess Tips:

  • Instead of having your balloons in a straight line like I did, you could vary the lengths of the ribbon to create an arched rainbow.
  • I like using the glassine bags because they’re translucent and you can see the gold coins inside (I found these at Hobby Lobby). You can also use paper sacks available at the craft store, if you can’t find the glassine ones.
  • If you’re hosting a family friendly party with a small number of children, this won’t take you long at all. If you’re helping out with a school party and have lots of balloons to blow up for the class, it will behoove you to have a partner to help you out blowing up all the balloons and tying them to the bags.
  • Another alternative is to place a single row of balloons to create the ‘rainbow’ and then placing all the bags of coins in a larger bag, box, or treasure chest.

Make an adult version of these and tie mini bottles of Irish Cream or Goldschlager {it has gold flecks in it} to the end of the ribbon instead of chocolate coins.

  • I used the 9-inch balloons for this project because anything larger will be harder to fit into a row without taking up too much space.

These St. Patrick’s day party favors are just another way you can incorporate the Irish holiday theme into your parties at home. For more ideas for your party check out these mini shepherds pies, and wash them down with this “green leprechaun” cocktail.

St Patricks day party favors with text

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  1. SQUEEEE!!! I love the rainbow balloons. What a fun way to celebrate with the kids. Mine would gobble up all the chocolate and then inhale the balloons.

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