Set Up A Bar Anywhere!

There is something so attractive about a well appointed bar. And no, I’m not talking about the liquid courage! I love the look of all the different bottles, glassware, accessories, and even the mixers. Many people don’t have an actual bar in their home, but as you’ll see here, you can set up a bar anywhere when you entertain. An easy fix is to set up a tray stand in any nook and turn it into a bar.

Clean off a bookshelf and turn it into a bar. I love that you can put your glassware on one shelf and the drinks on another.

If you’re really tight on space, clear off the top of any side table and rally up everything in a nice tidy tray. A tray always makes anything look neater and pulled together.
When setting up a bar(or any party planning detail) my motto is “know your audience”. Don’t serve Gin and Vodka if your crowd is more Bourbon and Coconut Rum. I also like to pour juice mixers into a pretty pitcher, and smaller sized sodas are more attractive lined up in rows than a couple of big 2-liters, however it is more expensive. Wherever you set up your bar, enjoy your time with friends. Cheers!

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  1. Iron Chef…that sounds interesting. Let me do some thinking on that one…maybe I’ll do a post about it! Thanks for the question, Meghan.

  2. What an awesome idea!
    Gosh you are creative!!

    Now, what ideas can you give me for my Iron Chef Challenge party next month!!??

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