“Once Upon A Time” Fairytale Birthday

fairytale birthday

This past year seems to be the year of gold and glitter! From bridal showers, to holiday parties, to little girls birthdays, gold and glitter seems to be everywhere in party decor. Today’s guest feature is the perfect case in point – A “Once Upon A Time” 2nd birthday sent to us by Nikka of Triple M Good Party. I admit I’m a sucker for the gold & glitter craze myself….it just adds an extra FESTIVE touch, and paired with pastel pink….well, it just doesn’t get more feminine than that.

This magical celebration would be any girly girls dream party. Check out all the details…

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Nikka says, “I created this soft, delicate princess party for my girlfriends only daughter. She wanted it to have the magical feel of being a princess. I used lots of tulle, and mixed gold and silver glitter to give it a vintage feel. I made the beautiful tutu for Stella and as she put it on, she turned into a princess before our eyes. It was a dreamy birthday party and we all wished we were the princess.”

My Notes:

  • You can glitter almost anything when you use a glitter kit from the craft store.  Using glue and a paint brush, and LOTS of glitter will help you get this look.
  • I also like how Nikka provided pinwheel wands for the boys, while the girls got gold star & crown wands.
  • The DIY “gumball machine” is an adorable touch, made with flower pot {turned upside down as the base} + water dish {turned upside down it becomes the lid}, and fish bowl vase.

Have a great day!

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  1. I wanted to ask a question about the pillars that the numbers are standing on where did you get those from?.Thanks in advance & I’m so in love with the theme it’s beautiful

  2. I am so in love with this theme my baby girl is turning 2 and i would love to so something like this for her where was the invite made from?

  3. Keyonna, the gumball “lid” is the water dish that goes under the flower pot. Just turn it upside down and attach a wooden ball “handle” to the top.
    The banner looks like it’s just pink paper cut into triangles with ribbon to hang. Letters are glittered chipboard letters from the scrapbook section.
    The oval “2” sign looks like it’s a piece of wood from the craft store that’s been covered by fabric or paper.
    Hope that helps.

    1. The them you did was beautiful & you’re little one looks happy with it.I wanted to know where did you get the pillars for the numbers from?.Thanks in advance

  4. I LOVE THIS THEME!!!! I did want to ask about a few items! Im going to Try to pull this off myself!! The top for the gumball machine? I cant figure that out, also the Birthday banner how or where did you get that? The Oval wheel with the 2 on it where did you find that? Is that wrapping paper used the pink and white pattern? Last the boy wind mills are SO COOL!!! What kind of activities did you guys do?

  5. Absolutely LOVE the theme. She’s a Princess and she deserves something like this. The best part is, this theme can be used until she’s out of her teenage years. Love the pastel pink, gold and champagne colours. One of my favourite colour schemes. I thought the birthday invitations were just so classy and elegantly done. Wow! I hope you pin this on Pinterest.

  6. I am in LOVE! I just want to jump right into the screen and join the party! I ordered some gumballs for my daughters party coming up in a few weeks. Now I’m going to work on making a gumball machine tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

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