Monster Birthday Party

I’m thrilled to kick off our Vendor Challenge series with a fun and whimsical party design by Spaceships and Laser Beams.  For the challenge the design teams were given the inspiration pink and orange, and had to come up with a party concept of their choosing using those 2 colors.  As we cater to adult parties as well as kids parties here, I wanted each designer to be able to design according to their specialty.   The teams must consist of 2 – 5 members.

Now, without further adieu, here is a pink & orange Monster birthday party with description from Stephanie.

“Talk about a challenge. I nearly had a panic attack when you said the theme was pink and orange. We do boys’ parties only! But then that quickly changed to excitement as I knew that it was a challenge that could be good fun with *interesting* results. We used our Monster Fest theme as a backdrop for two reasons: the colorful palette lends itself to a pink and orange party; and what better way to distract boys from pink than with monsters.
In terms of the design, you will see the eye/circle motif repeated in several areas. For instance, on the napkins, the eyeballs of the monster crowns and in the oranges. We nicknamed this table “orange monsters” as we used oranges throughout as a playful nod to the challenge theme. The set-up is meant to resemble a monster dining room. We always like to do parties that are accessible so everything for this party is easy to get and costs under $100, including the printables and the desserts.”
“Some tips to make pink and orange work for a boy’s party:
– choose patterns with a strong contrast so that they don’t appear too sweet
– mix in texture
– keep your serving vessels more rustic to add a more masculine edge
– give the boys lots of things to look at so that they don’t fixate on the color pink (although some boys love pink)”
Printable party designs & styling – Spaceships and Laser Beams
Baked Goods – Goodness Bake Shop 

Now for my own editorial comments on this party – I LOVE the monster picture-frame backdrop.  It is so unique and interesting to look at, I think any kid would enjoy it.   This monster theme would also appeal to the little girls who are inevitably invited to young boys birthdays.

Of course the yarn ball “flower” detail is adorable and I love that it mimics the fuzzy monster cake.  And finally, the simple centerpieces made of oranges in paper bags shows you don’t have to spend a fortune to make things look interesting and attractive.

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  1. The backdrop is the cutest and cleverest idea ever! Never before have monsters been looked so good in pink! LOVE IT!

  2. I love monster parties! and it’s true, you hardly even notice that it’s a monster party with pink! The monster graphics are all so fun!!

  3. This is a well executed theme, especially for boys! The fact that it’s pink and orange is not even that obvious because the monsters are the main focus. Well done!!

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