Modern Christmas Design + Peppermint Martini Recipe

I’m excited to share the one and only Vendor Challenge post I have for this month. Since I know everyone is crazy busy at the holidays I didn’t want to burden stylists & vendors with a Christmas challenge, but lucky for me {and You}, I had a conversation with Rebekah of A Blissful Nest early enough that she agreed to do one special design. She went over and above the requirements and created a Dessert table, Adult table, a Kids table, a Signature Cocktail with Recipe, and a Hot Cocoa station. Everything is done in a sleek modern style with whimsical patterns and ideas you can re-create for your self. See all the lovely details and read what Rebekah has to say about her design…

“Our Christmas Wish Collection was inspired by bringing families together for the holidays and having that very special time together. I wanted to create a classic theme but with a modern twist. Most everything was white with pops of forest green, red, and lime green. I love to mix and match patterns and took the ever so popular chevron pattern and matched it with a modern dot.

Dessert table

“I loved the idea of collecting everyone’s “Christmas Wishes” so I create a wishing tree in a vase. I spray painted branches from our tree outside red and used glitter to give them an extra sparkle. Then made tags using our printable gift tags and attached them to the branches in the vase after the wish was written on the back. The tags are then pulled out after the big Christmas meal and read for all the family to enjoy.”

“I love creating projects that you can do with the little ones and these candy wreaths were so fun for my daughter and I to do together. I took left over candy from a previous party, small Styrofoam wreaths (you can pick any size you like at Michael’s to fit what you need), and a hot glue gun. After gluing the candy in a fun pattern all around you can tie it up with some pretty ribbon you have laying around.”

Adult table

“I love to decorate the backs of chairs. It seems to tie in all the elements of a table set up and room décor. I really feel these should not be over looked. For this table I simply tied a generous amount of red ribbon so it would hang nice and long around the back of the chair and pinned in place these moss wreaths I made. Then made paper fans out of our coordinating paper for our printable paperie collection and hot glued a party circle to the middle. Another idea would be to use the circle as a name card. Then people could look on the backs of the chairs for where they are to sit at the table.”

Kids table

“I think it is important to create a space for little ones so you (the hostess!) and they do not worry about breaking your beautiful special table top pieces. For this I simply had printed at my local printers these custom placemats (and had them laminated) which match our printable party decor. In the center, it lets the children know where their plate goes and is in these fun prints to be used for the rest of the season.”

Signature cocktail

“I like to create a signature drink for holiday parties and I am really into peppermint this year! So for this party I created a peppermint martini and boy were they good! We rimmed the glasses with crushed peppermints and had a chilled shaker ready to go for our guests. This antique bar cart is perfect for when your guests are ready to move in to the next room and then you don have to carry it all! Also they are sitting on a new product we are going to be carrying for the New Year! These custom Lucite trays will have personalized inserts to match your party or your home décor. This one of course was made to match our theme and easy to pass out drinks with.”

Rebekah shares her Peppermint Martini recipe here, but be warned, she says it’s STRONG. You may want to play with the amount of vodka to lessen the “kick.”

Peppermint Martini

5 oz Vodka

2 oz White Creme De Menthe

1/2 oz Peppermint Schnapps

Combine all ingredients with ice in a martini shaker, and shake. Strain into martini glass and garnish with a peppermint ball.

You can rum your glass by dipping it in a little bit of lemon or lime juice, or corn syrup, then dip it into the crushed peppermint.  Let it sit upside down for a bit so it can set up and the juice or syrup won’t run down the side of the glass.

Hot Cocoa:

“A hot cocoa table seems to be the hottest trend this holiday season. It is fun to “build” your drink. We had Baby Boy Bakery make these homemade marshmallows and stuck peppermint sticks on then ends. They make yummy stir sticks that add an extra little sweetness to your cocoa.”

Wow, can’t you just see yourself spending time in this scenario?! Everything is so cute but sophisticated, and modern but inviting.  Some of my favorite things are the Place mats on the kids table and the new Lucite Trays she’ll be offering in the shop.  I also love the old bar cart that is an old family piece that looks completely modern too.  Thanks to Rebekah and all the fantastic vendors for participating during this busy time!

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  1. I love this entire collection!! Thanks for asking us to be part of the collaboration Rebekah! {oxox} and thanks for the feature Chris!! {oxox}

  2. LOoooove it!!! the trays look awesome!!!! the placemats too!…..adorable! great job Rebekah!

  3. This is simply beautiful! I am so honored to have been included in such a wonderful collection 🙂 and I just love the idea of the wishing tree!

  4. Thank you Chris for the fabulous feature! I love winning designer challenges by a landslide! Just kidding!!

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