Mario Themed Birthday Party

All you moms of “Gamers” are in luck today. I have a fantastic Mario Brothers-themed gamer party sent in by Jen of Banner Events. This was a dual birthday celebration for Jen’s son and his best friend who have birthday’s close together, and both love playing video games. The party is full of fun little details that incorporate images and icons from the game. One of the best parts of the party is that they rented a mobile gaming truck for all the boys to go inside and play video games as a group {what a cool idea!}.

If you have a boy who loves the Mario game series, this just may be your next birthday celebration! Read on for all the details & list of talented vendors as told by Jen…

“The moment the guests walked into the party, I wanted them to feel like they had stepped into the classic Super Mario Brothers video game! I thought the decorations should reflect the scenery most common to the game, and kept the color palette simple with primary colors (red, blue, green, yellow).

  • Upon arriving, each boy was greeted at the welcome table & presented with a customized ‘All Access Gamer Pass’.  Chocolate “Mario mustache” lollipops displayed on the welcome table excited many of the boys. They couldn’t wait for the opportunity to use those as photo props and ‘accidentally’ take a few nibbles.
  • Capri sun boxes were spray-painted to look like bricks.
  • PVC piping from the hardware store was cut, assembled and painted to look like the famous green tubes Mario goes down.
  • Red and white polka dotted pirahna plants were created from spray painted Styrofoam balls & terra cotta pots.
  • Over sized versions of the mushrooms and star (big symbols from the game) were printed, cut out, and inserted into display tubes.
  • I also created an over sized cloud to hang from our blue sky backdrop (cloud/sky butcher paper purchased at Michael’s). Smaller versions of these were strung around the dessert table as a garland.

Dessert Table: I wanted this to be their ‘Engergy Boost’ station where they could refuel after their game playing.

  • Bricks were stacked and green tubes were added to give some character to our table. I loved the idea of using some of the props to actually function as serving vessels, so some of the green tubes housed our yummy & amazingly coordinating pretzels by Pretzels Pleaze.
  • The idea for the pirahna plant was found on Pinterest. Not only did they add some much needed height to our table, but the plants held Mario’s ‘fireballs’ (Atomic Fireball candy). The kids got a kick out of that!
  • The focal point of the dessert table was definitely the scrumptious cupcakes & unbelievably detailed cookies.
  • Wanna Cupcake provided delicious cupcakes (Oreo, Peanut Butter Cup and Classic Chocolate) for the event. I dolled up the cupcakes with green, red & white polka dotted liners & seriously jaw-dropping custom fondant work by Sugar Butter Baby. All of the classic characters were present and the boys actually wanted to SAVE their toppers and take them home to show their parents.
  • Sweet Surrender Cookie Company sent a few dozen of their Mario-themed cookie favors. I love having individually wrapped treats that can easily be handed out and either consumed on the spot or saved for later.
  • In addition, our dessert table included custom candy bar wrappers, dishes filled with red, green & white’Yoshi Eggs’ (Cadbury mini eggs), and chocolate gold coins (just like the coins Mario earns in the game!).”

  • “The party tables were so colorful, thanks to fun stripes and polka dots. Each place setting included a red polka-dotted gable box (Shop Sweet Lulu), with a personalized hang tag. The boxes were decorated with a label that read: “Game over. Wii thank you for coming to our party.” These boxes were used to fill up with treats from the dessert table to take home as party favors.
  • To quench our little gamer’s thirst, small bottled waters (Power Up Potion & Power Up Water) were included at each place, along with striped straws.
  • The cookies from Sweet Surrender Cookie Company added an amazing splash of color resting next to each plate.
  • Centerpieces were created from Tootsie Roll Banks, covered in coordinating paper and decorated with mushrooms peeking out on sucker sticks. These acted as perfect balloon weights for more polka dotted balloons.
  • Our boys were so excited to sport custom Mario and Luigi applique shirts from Sew Lucky Embroidery. The iron-on appliqué was so easy to do and washes up great! Plus, how cool to represent the main characters from the Super Mario Bros. game!
  • The best part about this party was the ease of the entertainment! We hired Game Truck Seattle. What exactly is a game truck? Think of it as a video arcade on wheels that has several big screen t.v.s and various gaming systems allowing our entire group of boys to play video games all at the same time! Their selection of games was amazing and included all of the new releases. Two hours in the game truck were enjoyed by all!”


Thanks for this amazing party Jen. I know my son would be OVER THE MOON with a party like this!

Visit all these vendors to help you get the look.

Styling – Banner Events / Photography – Mi Vida Photography / Graphic Design Printable Package & InvitationLauren McKinsey Designs / CupcakesWanna Cupcake? / Fondant toppers – Sugar Butter Baby / Themed sugar cookie favorsSweet Surrender Cookie Company / Chocolate covered pretzels with Sugar MushroomsPretzels Pleaze / Polka Dot balloons & gabled boxesShop Sweet Lulu / Striped straws – Polka Dot Market / Glassine favor bagsNashville Wraps / Tee Shirt iron-on AppliquesSew Lucky Embroidery / Mobile game truckGame Truck Seattle


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  1. Oh this is so adorable; all of the details are perfect. I just planned a Super Mario Bros inspired 30th birthday party, but of course we didn’t do all of these details.

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