Make Your Own Birthday Candles

make your own birthday candles

Make Your Own Birthday Candles

Want to add your own creative spin to birthday parties? Make your own birthday cake candles using a few simple supplies that are easy to find.

I’m sharing this simple candle project which uses beeswax sheets and cookie cutters, and it requires no melting of the wax.

You can find colored beeswax sheets and candle wicks at your local craft supply store or online. Customize them with color and shape with these tips, and the possibilities are endless!

Easy DIY Cake Candles

Here are some ideas and tips to get your creative thought process going.

  • Make heart shaped candles for Valentine’s Day or Wedding & Bridal parties.
  • Use star shapes for summer parties.
  • Make holiday candles using seasonal shapes like Christmas trees or pumpkins.
  • You can make themed birthday candles using shapes like crowns, cars, animals, etc.

Add a customized touch to celebratory cakes and cupcakes by making your own beeswax candles.

How to make birthday candles at home

Using beeswax sheets and cookie cutters makes this project simple to do. The possibilities for customization are endless!


  • beeswax sheets – number will depend on size of cookie cutter and number of candles you want to make
  • Wicks 
  • Cookie cutters in a fun shape
  • Toothpicks

Use the cookie cutter to press out 4 to 8 identical shapes from the beeswax sheet.

Separate into 2 equal stacks, pressing the wax sheets together to adhere. The more shapes you punch out, the thicker your candle will be.

Wedge a toothpick between 2 of the sheets so that it can be inserted into a cake or cupcake.

Trim the metal base from the wick and cut the wick to size to fit the wax cutouts.

Place a wick between the 2 stacks and sandwich them together.

Use a hair dryer on low setting to help soften the wax so it will adhere better if needed.

Trim the wick to 1/2 inch at the top, and flush with the bottom of the wax candle shape.

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