Mad About "Mad Men"

Are you eagerly awaiting the season debut of Mad Men?  Would you like some inspiration for a fun “Mad Men” themed viewing party or a Retro Birthday party?  I’ve been holding on to this post submitted by Lekiah of Events-ualities, for months waiting for the return of the season, to share it.
Lekiah participated in a local chef’s showcase/fund raising event in which each table is designed by someone different, following a single theme.  The theme this year was “New York State of Mind” and she chose the show Mad Men which takes place there.  The table setting pays homage to the lifestyle of the early 60’s and some great retro pieces from the time.
What a great centerpiece the old lamp makes.  And the use of the rotary phone and old typewriter just puts a smile on my face.  She also included Sterling Cooper letterhead, business cards, and menu cards each with a different character on it.
To see and read more, visit Events-ualities blog.

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  1. I love the party decoration ideas and suggest exploring some original cocktail and hors d’oeuvres recipes. I’ve been archiving authentic early-60s party recipes and here are some ideas that would be perfect for a Mad Men premiere party (although without an “Old Fashioned” recipe). Check out this original promo pamphlet that was distributed at the height of the Mad Men-era, chock full of swinging vintage hors d’oeuvres and cocktail recipes displayed with real Mad Men-era style. I especially like the Avocado Dip (like a frothy guacamole) and a Moscow Mule to wash it down. Here’s a link to the original “How to Give a Vodka Party” guide:

  2. My parents used to have lamps almost exactly like that. I always thought they were so ugly…now they'd be cool to have!

  3. I love all the retro finds! What a fun party!

  4. I love all the retro finds! What a fun party!

  5. I love all the retro finds! What a fun party!

  6. This is simply amazing! I just got cuaght up on all the past seasons of this show… I think I might need to think about a premiere party… Thanks for sharing!

  7. what a great party-it must of been so fun "treasure hunting" for all the retro details!

  8. I love the newspapers as part of the centerpieces. I almost picked some up from an antique shop, now I wish I did! Shoot~ why didn't you share this sooner;o)

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