Kids Candy Coated Christmas Party

You’ll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.
You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.
Are you ready for some inspiration for a kids Christmas party? If you’re like me, the kids will be out of school for the next week leading up to Christmas and you’ll need something to entertain them, right? This may just inspire you!
I hosted a small gathering for my kids and a couple of their friends and we called it a “candy coated Christmas party because it was all about the sweet decor, and decorating their own “Christmas trees” (ice cream cones), and cupcakes. This concept turned ou t to be great fun for the kids and great fun for me to decorate for.
In addition to this fun activity you could incorporate a cute DIY photo booth with props as I’ve shown here.
You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.
You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.

Kids Christmas Party design:

Each child had a place set with aprons that I personalized with iron-on letter to spell their name, “snowman” milk bottles, and candy cane napkin rings with a decorated cookie on a stick. They had their own dish of icing to cover the cones and cupcakes, and plenty of candy toppings to add on top. White cotton candy was the perfect “snow” while powdered donut holes were the perfect “snow balls.”
The centerpiece was a trio of diy candy trees I made by hot gluing candy to white foam craft cones. Adding the ribbons to the top, and cotton candy for a snow-covered base, finished it off perfectly. Candy bouquets were made by filling a vase with blocks of craft foam to securely hold candy canes, lollipops, and cookies-on-a-stick.

You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas. You'll love this classic kids Christmas party full of whimsical fun and ideas.

After the kids decorated their food items, they played outside in the (barely there) snow.  Hot chocolate was waiting to warm them up, with a snowman Peep on the side.  This is the time they were able to write their letters to Santa using the adorable free printables from Two Savvy Sisters (not longer available). 
There were plenty of treats to take home in their ‘take-out’ boxes, as well as the personalized aprons.  They all had a great time, and needless to say my kids didn’t have an appetite for dinner that night!

Check out scenes from the party below:

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  1. So much Lovely decoration of Christmas kids like candy really very much.i try it on my son’s birthday party.

  2. I come back to this party when ever I want fun Christmas inspiration, I still love it so much! You just did such a perfect job Chris!

  3. WOW!!! This would be a blast for any kid (or adult) to be at!!! Love all the detail, nicely done – will have to remember this for 2012 Christmas 🙂 -Dani

  4. Chris,
    I’m a fellow BYW student and just have to say your blog is miles ahead of mine!! Congratulations for being so together–and so informative! I’m planning to use a spin-off of this post to decorate my daughter’s middle school holiday dance. All the best!

  5. I found your blog via Bakerella on the snowman milk bottles. Your creative ideas for celebrations are so inspiring! I love planning for little parties, and seeing your photos has given me lots of ideas.


  6. This looks like how Willy Wonka would celebrate Christmas! The love is truly in the details and I bet everyone had a fabulous time.

  7. Absolutely fabulous party you had. Love all the details: I had never thought about using sugar ice cream cones instead of gingerbread houses for my younger kids and my favorite is the snowman milk bottles (LOVE the donut hole heads).

  8. Wow, this is incredible Chris! Those candy trees are a favorite! I want to try something like that.

  9. I wish I could have come to this party! Amazing! And even more amazing that you were able to pull this off in such a busy season. I'm so impressed with everything, Chris!

  10. Michelle, that awesome 99cent frame is from IKEA! Love that place!
    Thank You : )

  11. Absolutely PRECIOUS! That is MY kinda party! I love the white stand that holds the Santa letter sign. Where did you get it?

  12. Hom Nom, I got that wreath a few years ago at a local Christmas Bazaar. You can probably find it on line if you google "feather wreath." ; )

  13. This is so sweet!! I love the Candy trees!!! they're perfect 🙂 but really everything looks amazing!

  14. Super adorable party Chris!! I'm sure the kids (and moms) had a wonderful time! Everything looks so beautiful and festive!

  15. OH WOW… LOVE it all. My favorite here are the white aprons on the chairs with the kids name in red and the candy trees. JUST FABULOUS!

  16. I'm late to the party but I love it! It's simply gorgeous. Love the candy trees – and the new use for Peep snowmen! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  17. I am overwhelmed by the appreciation for this party – THANK YOU!!

    Colleen, the polka dot topper is just fabric from the fabric store! I bought it a while back for another purpose and it ended up here instead! ; D

  18. OMG!!!! Without a doubt one of the cutest party set-ups I have ever seen!!!! The kids will be in heaven! Love the polka dot tablecloth, would you share your source?

    Happy Holiday!

  19. Chris~ when are we going to work together?! This is FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!!!! I love the detail! I love everything about it!

  20. DAMNNNN Girl.. your parties get better and better!! This is one for the record books!!! Toooo CUTE!! Love every detail!! You just don't stop!

  21. As an adult, I would love to wake up on Christmas morning to something like this as a gift for me. This table brings out the kid in many my age, I'm sure. Your use of the traditional Christmas colors are festive and creative. This is a darling table!

  22. Chris,

    I LOVE this! So adorable! Funny, I bought those same cookies and peanut butter candies from $ Tree for a party! Gotta love them! You are just so talented my friend! I know your Petite Celebrations is booming!!!

  23. this looks absolutely heavenly. I love the colors and all the candy. Thanks for the ideas…I have a xmas brunch every year and my ideas or swarming around in my head after viewing these colorful photos.

  24. Adorable! Love it. The details are perfect…the color, scheme, activity, sweets, EVERYTHING. Smiles~

  25. Wow! I wish these were the types of gatherings my parents or friends' parents hosted when we were out of school on Christmas break! Too adorable!! Love every detail!

  26. Chris!! the party was ADORABLE! As always, I love your attention to detail on everything! The centerpieces are precious and I love all of the varying heights. Great job!

  27. Absolutely in love with this party! I keep going back to check out the details!! Just incredible! And FUN!

  28. No Kidding…When I first opened this I thought, Oh Pottery Barn Kids Picture. Then when I started reading and realized it was a party of yours I was floored. What a great party. I love it all!

  29. wow- I love it! I love the marshmallows for the hot chocolate. so adorable. Fantastic job as always- amazing inspiration!

  30. Thanks everyone! Funny thing is we had to postpone the party twice – first because of weather, then because my daughter got sick. They were bouncing off the walls ready to dig into that candy! LOL

  31. OH MY WORD Chris! This is just toooo cute! You have every detail covered. I love the snowmen marshmallows on the cocoa and the "trees"! What a fun idea with the cones! You certainly made this an amazing thing for those kids!

  32. This is like the cutest thing i have ever seen! how fun! 🙂

  33. So cute! I LOVE the Christmas Candy Corn and traditional color scheme! And you know me, I always love aprons on the backs of chairs. The snowmen on the glasses are too cute. I just love how festive it is. Darling inspiration Chris!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!!

  34. This is candy heaven 🙂 I love the personalized aprons and milk bottle snowmen!! Beautiful.

  35. OMG!! This is beyond cute!!! And it is soooo beautiful!!! Absolutely fantastic job!!

  36. Fabulous! I would expect nothing else from you-you're always killing IT! The snowman milks are completely and utterly ridiculously clever!

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