Bright Child Friendly Halloween Party

Get ready for TONS of ideas and inspiration for your Halloween party! Amanda of Amanda’s Parties to Go has created a bright and colorful kids Halloween party using her new printable set, and as usual she has left no surface untouched. With treats, drinks, photo props, and favors, you can gather an unlimited number of ideas – and many items she bought from the local grocer.

Here is what Amanda has to say about the party: “I wanted to design a whimisical, child-like Halloween party with lots of cute characters and bright colors sure to “thrill” and not scare our little ones. The children were overjoyed to see all of the sweets and goodies at the party table including gumballs and candies, a homemade two-tiered chocolate cake and gorgeous decorated cookies that I found at HomeGoods. My personal favorites were the cookies with fondant toppers made by Brittany at Edible Details that perfectly coordinated with the Halloween characters from Shindig’s Halloween printable set. I think the children loved the Oreo ghost pops most which I made myself using a mold from Spinning Leaf and then attached to wooden skewers and added some ghostly embellishments of cheesecloth and white tissue paper. The candy kabobs were a hit, too, and so easily made using some ghost Peeps, peach gummy rings, Oreos and a cute little candy corn sucker I found at Michaels.

With a vibrant orange polka dot fabric for the backdrop and some adorable ghosts I found at TJ Maxx, the party table was sure to please the littlest of party guests. The garland on the table front was created using the Halloween printable logos and matting them with some colorful gathered crepe paper. The pieces were then hot glued to black tissue fringe from Sweet Shop LuLu”

Amanda continues: “I love crepe paper because it’s readily available, inexpensive and comes in a wonderful array of colors. I used it to cover plain cardboard boxes for table displays and to create the fun googley-eyed snack cups, too. Then I carried both the googley-eye idea and the crepe paper to other tables by creating a fun garland to use as a backdrop and table skirt. After loading up on sweets, the kids (and parents!) were ready to head outside for some outdoor fun. I made a simple Pin the Tail on the Pumpkin game using foam core board, orange and green crepe paper and some printable cut outs for the mouth and nose pieces. Reagan and Jacob especially loved the photo props, and the Frankenstein shirt from Little One Boutique was specially made to match the printables.

To complete the Halloween party fun, each guest was offered a choice of take-home gifts from the party favor table including bags of eyeball chocolates or a favor “on a stick” which was a small box of candy attached to a wooden skewer embellished with crepe paper ruffles”

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