Enchanted Fairy Party

Get ready for one of the most incredible, and yes, enchanting parties for a little girl.  This Enchanted Fairy Party was designed by Amanda Parker who is working on developing her children’s party business.  Well if this is any indication of the parties she’ll be providing, I know she will be successful!
woodland fairy party
The amazing thing about this party is that Amanda created everything herself.  She made the tree centerpiece(inspired by Giggledust Parties) from a large piece of drift wood, and added a doll house window, and small door she crafted her self.  The top of the tree house is fashioned from the lid of her son’s old sand box.  She covered it with green burlap, moss, ferns, and leaves.  And those stairs…those sweet adorable stairs for the fairies to climb up to the door, were simply wooden disks staggered and fastened together.
The place card holders were another creative project pieced together from wooden boxes and cocoa planter liners spray painted red, with white felt circles glued on.  This created the perfect toad stool for her DIY fairies to sit on.  Tuffet blog has a tutorial for making these little gems.
Amanda says she was running out of money by the time she got to the food table.  I say the natural wood pieces and display are perfection!  She drilled holes in found logs, to hold “Fairy Fruit Wands” and “Magical Marshmallow Pops.”  The cake is simple and sweet, and all the decorative accents are once again, enchanting.
The creativity didn’t stop at the table settings.  Lots of Fairy activities were set up around the wooded area: a fairy house craft table, pin the wand on the fairy(she painted herself), flower ring toss(yep, she made that), finding coins the tooth fairy had dropped in the land of flowers(she embelished flowers from Hobby Lobby), fairy dress up, a pixie dust station, and finally, the mushroom grotto.  Amanda made those amazing mushrooms her self!!  She explains, “The mushrooms were different sizes, so they were made from different items. The larger ones are tomato cages, cut down, then covered in thin cardboard, batting and finally a sewn cover. The tops were cocoa planter liners that I painted and glued felt circles on. The smaller ones were mainly plastic pots or megaphones from the Dollar Tree with plastic cups glued on top (to get them to the correct height) and then covered again with batting and fabric
You will have to visit her website to see even more photos.  She is truly talented and inspiring!

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  1. What an INCREDIBLE party!! SO many great ideas and inspiration. One thing that caught my eye is the straw with the flower attached. 🙂 She is not going to have any problem with business if this is how she does her parties!

  2. oh, i adore this party!! with two girls i see a fairy party in the near future:)

  3. The banner on top of the bunt cake is AMAZING!! What a great job Amanda. You are a true talent.

  4. Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of my heart for your sweet words and praise. I loved creating this party, and it is so wonderful to be able to share it with other fellow party lovers!

  5. WOW! I'm seriously SPEECHLESS! This event is UN~BELIEVABLE! WOW! LOVE the m-pops and fruit sticks "on a log"! Did I say WOW?!

  6. WOW! Well I have been tossing around many ideas for my daughters 4th birthday next April….think I found it! Now I need to start collecting things! Thanks so much for posting this awesome inspiration!

  7. The details are crazy cute! I love the drift wood tree and little stairs!

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