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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the new house and moving, but now we’re down to the end – 5 days until closing! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by {which also means the end of summer break is near 🙁 }. We’ll be moving all next week but I’m going to try and keep up with some posts even as I’m back and forth – the crazy thing is I’m not only moving a household but a business too, which is full of small supplies and breakable props. That’s going to be the toughest party – making sure nothing gets broken.

As you might imagine I’m OBSESSED with redecorating right now. I’ve been shopping, and Pinning ideas like crazy. I’ve decided I’m going for a look that’s contemporary-classic-retro-with-a-dab-of-rustic...that’s a thing, right? Sure it’s eclectic, but it’s very specific eclectic. I’m focused on the family room right now. Wanna see what’s on my mind?! Here’s some of the key factors in my design plan…

neutral color palette

{Jane Lochart Interior Design}

  • Use neutrals for all big items like sofa, area rug, side chairs, curtains. Think gray, beige – graige. My current house is saturated with earthy colors + pops of red but I’m ready to lighten up and keep it neutral. This room above is good inspirations for me because the floors are similar, the walls are light, and I have a black cocktail ottoman like the one above.

light and dark


  • Play with light and dark balance. The floors are chocolate brown and I’m keeping the walls creamy off white. I need to decide how light or dark I want a new sofa to be – it has to be family friendly but stylish enough for entertaining, of course. I’m thinking a medium toned chenille so it’ll hide wear and is easy to clean.

add color

{Savvy Home Blog}

  • Bring in color through accessories like pillows, art, and nick-nacs. This will be the fun part! I think I want to work with golden yellow as a prominent accent color. It will add much needed life and brightness in a sea of neutrals, darks, and lights.

classic furniture lines

{Savvy Home Blog}

  • Big ticket items like the sofa will be classic in style, while secondary pieces will be a mix of contemporary and retro {sleek, simple lines}. I have my wish list in my head already – a streamlined sofa like the one above, a tv cabinet with some retro flare, and small side tables that have a bit of contemporary edge. I think the photo above mixes styles seamlessly and there’s something to look at everywhere you turn.


{The Glitter Guide}

  • Adding my personality and style with vignettes that combine contemporary, rustic, and retro items. I can’t wait to style tables and shelves with all my collected items. The great thing is that items I use in party styling all the time can do double duty as house decor!


This is going to be such fun.  Over the first month I hope to get a new tv cabinet and sofa ordered.  I’ve already been buying up some small occasional tables, art, and lamps.  Can’t wait to show the “finished” look {is it ever REALLY finished?}.  Have a great day!

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