Doily Wreath Tutorial

Today we have a fun tutorial to share with you from one of our sponsors, Paula of Frog Prince Paperie. I’m sure you’re familiar with Paula and her beautiful work & printable party designs, as we’ve featured many of her parties here. You can browse all of her collections in the shop to help plan your next party, and maybe you’ll want to create this doily wreath for a backdrop too. Here are the instructions told by Paula:

“There is something wonderfully feminine about doilies – the lacy edges make anything fancy and pretty! I had quite a few packs of doilies left over from another project, and thought they would make a perfect cone wreath. I hung them en mass with paper fans for a very pretty Valentines Day backdrop.”


Simple material list:

  • 10-16 8-inch doilies
  • Tape or glue dots
  • 4-inch white circle
  • Glue gun
  • Paper heart (or other embellishment)
  1. Roll your cones! Make sure the small end it pointy; this will be important when you need the all to fit together tightly. And even more importantly, make sure you fold all your cones the same direction. Right over left or left over right–just be consistent! Since doilies are such a lightweight paper, a glue dot or double sided tape is enough to get the cones to hold together.
  2. Do a pre-flight check, arranging cones with the pointy ends together in a circle on top of the 4 inch white circle. Once you’re sure you have enough cones made and they are perfectly arranged, use your glue gun to glue them all down, 2 or three at a time.
  3. Place your heart or other embellishment in the center and hang!

This doily wreath would be a great decorative item to use for any party, especially one using this Parisian Birthday set which has lace graphics on it!



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  1. When I was a kid (before so many cool DIY projects were invented) we used doilies to make our Valentine’s with. I specifically remember cutting out red hearts and gluing them to doilies for my Valentine’s for classmates. This wreath is so fun and really brings back memories of doilies on Valentine’s Day.

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