15 DIY Party Decor Projects

diy party decor projects

I’ve been meaning to do this post for weeks but as usual, other things seem to come up and take precedence. I’ve gathered up {mostly} all of the diy projects I did for my shabby chic bridal shower and dessert table, and none of them are outside the average skill level. So this is it dear readers – YOU CAN DO IT!

There are at least 15 simple DIY projects that you can do to incorporate into a theme like this one, or add to any other color or theme that you’re working on. For instance, the iron on transfer signs can be made and used in a baby shower in pretty pastel colors. Or, the diy food tags can be used on any buffet table for any occasion. There ARE a lot of project here for one event, but you can always choose just 2 or 3 to re create. Are you ready to get started?

Iron On Transfers

iron on name place holdersiron on transfer fabric ring sign diy bottle necklace drink markers iron on transfer table signdiy iron on transfer supplies

1 – 4. IRON ON TRANSFER SIGNS & TAGS – Maybe it’s my background in fashion, but I have a deep love for textiles. I love working with fabric in my party design projects. I see SO many printable paper items in party design, but hardly ever see fabric being used except for the occasional rag swag or fabric bunting.

There are so many other ways to use fabric in party decor and I think I have about 7 listed here {click links for detailed instructions}. Iron on transfers are one of my new favorite things since I discovered these printable transfer sheets at the craft store {in the sewing crafts section}. I used them to make the name place holders, the embroidery hoop sign with free template, the bottle necklace tags, and the table welcome sign.

  • The important thing to remember when using the iron on transfer sheets is that you have to reverse your project so that when you iron it on to your fabric, it reads correctly.
  • I did this with the online photo editing site, PicMonkey.com.
  • The base fabrics I used were canvas ribbon, a piece of cotton fabric, and canvas tags I found at Hobby Lobby.

For the bottle necklaces I used ball chain to loop through the canvas tags and it was done – so easy!

iron on letters banner

5. IRON ON LETTERS – My other iron on project was a little simpler. I used a package of iron on transfer letters and applied them to burlap to make a “bar” sign. Pulling off the edge fibers gives it a fringed edge that’s more decorative than a straight cut.

diy food tag holders

6. EASY DISPLAY TAG HOLDER – The food display tags are super easy to make. All you need is a base – in this case a spool – and pin tacks with a spiral end. All I did was drop the pin into the hole at the top of the spool and insert the paper tag into the spiral holder. Some other bases you might try are wine corks, tiny flower pots filled with a plant or herb, or any item you can attach the pin to using glue dots.

Quick Sew Projects

diy puffy heart diy pin cushion embroidery heart on burlap

Everyone can sew a straight line or a button on, right?!  I HAD to do some type of sewing for this ‘fashionista’ concept, which mostly included adding button details to some items.

7. PUFFY HEART FLORAL INSERT – I had a felt puffy heart which was sold as a Christmas ornament a couple of years ago. The item was perfect but the colors were not. I re-designed the heart by adding a burlap heart shape and a button, cutting off the hanging ribbon, and inserting a skewer into the bottom between the stitching. Now it makes the cutest flower insert for this shower design!

8. DIY PIN CUSHION – I think the most trying project I did was make my own pin cushion. It seemed easy enough, and it was really, except for one thing… I couldn’t figure out how to get the round shape to be crease free. I feel like there was a lot of overlapping fabric around the bottom, but oh well, I think it turned out pretty cute in the end.

  • To make it I formed a ball with “stuffing” – like you use for pillows. Cut fabric in a circle, sized to fit around the ball, and began gathering the ends together on the bottom. I used hot glue to secure it.
  • Next, I used embroidery thread to wrap around and form the decorative lines. I cut a piece of felt into a star burst shape and secured it to the top with a button and thread. I thought it make an adorable mini sign holder.

9. EMBROIDERY HOOP HEART – One of the first things I did for this shower project was to make embroidery hoop “hearts” to put at each place setting. It took about 5 minutes to make each heart using embroidery thread, a knitting needle, and burlap. You may not need to make enough for every place setting, but making a few to set around the party would be really cute.

10. UTENSIL PACKET – You can also make utensil pouches for any occasion like I did here. Use long envelopes and drop in the cutlery. Wrap the outside with twine and a cute embellishment from the scrapbook aisle.


wrapped foam balls and vintage spools spools wrapped with scrapbook paper and swagged behind chair

11 – 12. WRAPPED STYROFOAM BALLS & SPOOLS – There was a LOT of wrapping going on for this design {and I don’t mean the Jay Z type of rapping}. I wrapped foam balls with yarn, large vintage spools with embroidery thread, regular size spools with embroidery thread, and even MORE spools with scrapbook paper. It’s pretty mindless work but it takes a while to cover up the Styrofoam balls and the large vintage spoils. Just turn on the Real Housewives of the OC and get to wrapping. The effort is worth it.

Easy Embellishments

dressed up monogram & button drink stir stickschocolate button toppers

13. EMBELLISHED MONOGRAM – A couple of projects that can literally be done for any theme or occasion are the embellished monogram, and the diy drink stir sticks. My “C” was spray painted a vanilla color and fabric flowers were attached using glue dots. Make these for birthdays, weddings, showers, or special holidays.

14. DIY STIR STICKS – You can see how I made the drink stir sticks here.

15. MOLDED CUPCAKE TOPPERS – Another simple thing you can do to dress up any party is make your own molded cupcake toppers. I made white and dark chocolate buttons for this one ahead of time and kept them in the freezer until ready to use. To make them I used a lollipop mold and just eliminated the stick when I poured the melted chocolate in.

If all those projects don’t get your creative juices flowing then check out the ribbon and trim “cake” centerpiece here.  Great idea for your next birthday or shower.

shabby chic cake centerpiece

So, there you have it – at least 15 simple projects you can do to give your party or shower a unique touch.  Which one is your favorite?



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  1. Love all these great ideas! Where did you get all the fabric flowers? Or did you make them too?

    1. Thanks Nadine. I didn’t make the flowers. I got them at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

  2. I’m starting to plan for an informal anniversary party, and I wanted to use burlap and similar items…..some great ideas here to help me – Thanks! I love the G with the canvas/burlap flowers as embellishments, very pretty.

  3. My favorite is the embellished monogram! And I love the idea of iron on letters! I probably would have done it the hard way and tried to hand paint or draw or somehow push the fabric through my printer. I forgot all about iron letters!

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