DIY : Painted Window Display

diy painted window display

I’m a sucker for any type of vintage-style architectural pieces like shutters, frames, and windows, because they add such character to your home or party decor. I told you about my thrift store finds a while back that included some fantastic display “props”, one of which was a window panel that had starfish attached and mermaids painted on. I bought it for under $30 so I could use it for the shabby chic baby shower I was styling {plus so many more possibilities}.

I wanted to share the transformation tools with you today so you can see how I turned trash into treasure….and you can too!

vintage window

craft suppliesThere’s the beach scene above, that made me cringe, but I realized all I needed to do was use a razor blade to scrape off the paint and starfish. The mermaids came off easily, but those starfish took some elbow grease! I don’t know what kind of adhesive was used to attach them, but they did not want to come off at first. Even the razor blade had a tough time cutting through!

Once I had the window cleaned up, and a blank slate I could add my own customization using some metal letters as stencils, and acrylic craft paint.

diy painted window display

  • I lined up the letters to spell “Bebe” – the French word for baby {from le bebe specifically}, and held them in place with painters tape. I used a stippling brush to paint on the letters, and let it dry. I used the razor blade to touch up any edges that needed it.

shabby chic window display

  • Here’s how the window turned out in the shower, which I think “made” the backdrop. I also added a little ball fringe trim to the top to dress it up a little.

removing paint from window display

  • After the shower I simply scraped off the painted letters once again, with my razor blade. It’s easy when you hold it at an angle and use small strokes to remove the paint.

Now I can use the window for another occasion either painted with some other word or phrase, or plain. I love the flexibility of this project – its like having multiple props in just 1 item. Do you enjoy thrifting or turning trash to treasure?

Have a great day!

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  1. Love the idea of re-using the old window! I never would have thought of painting it and then scraping the paint off and re-using. Thanks for the idea!

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