DIY Greeting Card Frame

Here’s an easy project you can put together to show off some of those cute greeting cards you’re receiving.  You can create a frame holder with just a few items you may already have around the house.
Simply use an empty frame that is large enough to hold several cards, ribbon to attach the cards to, duct tape to attach the ribbon (since this may not be a “permanant” use for the frame), and mini clothes pins or other clipping device.
I attached the top ribbon first and attached the cards so that I would know where to attach the second ribbon – you don’t want the cards too cluttered.  Then clip on your greetings and set on a mantle, hang on a wall, or cluster several sizes together on an entry table.  You could also dress up the clothes pins by painting them, or attaching some decorative embelishments.
A cute, yet chic project you can do in 10 minutes!



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  1. Wow, this is a great idea to hold greeting cards and it’s also looking very nice. thanks for this diy project.

  2. I'm so making this tomorrow .. So pretty and so easy to do .. Great Way to fancy up the Christmas cards that come in 🙂

  3. loved, loved, loved. This year, with all the inspiration from sites like yours was the year I found use for my frames which were stored without use. This idea I'll certainly adopt. TFS! Beatriz

  4. Fabulous – I love easy, quick projects that make an impact. I never throw away old frames, there are so many random uses for them!

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