DIY Framed Art

diy wall art

Here’s a cute but simple way to add a decorative backdrop to your next party table, or simply create a piece of textural wall art for a room in your home. This diy framed art can be seen in my Betsey Johnson inspired party and it adds a great pop of color and 3-dimensional texture to the area.

It’s easier to put together than I even anticipated as I was thinking is through.

diy wall art diy wall artdiy wall art

DIY Framed Art


  • empty frame
  • foam core in a color of your choice
  • box cutter
  • a couple of stems of silk flowers
  • very small dimensional screw driver or awl
  • glue gun optional {only if you need it}

Use the glass insert from the frame to trace onto the foam core. Cut it out using a box cutter.

Insert the foam core into the frame and secure. Use a template to trace a heart onto the foam core. I just used Picmonkey and chose one of their heart shapes as a template. I printed it and cut it out and then placed it over the foam core to trace with a pencil.

Use the small screw driver or awl and punch a hole through the foam core. Remove the flowers from their stems and insert the pointed end into the hole as shown.

Work all around the outside of the heart before moving inward, and add one hole and flower at a time so you can monitor the shape and make sure it’s balanced.

Hang the art piece and enjoy.

I was surprised to find that the flowers stayed securely in the foam core without using the glue gun, but if you happen to need it, just add a bit of glue at the base of the flower so it adheres to the foam core as you push the stem through the hole.

I think this turned out super cute and it would be a good project for a child’s bedroom too. You can use any shape other than the heart and any combination of colors to coordinate with your specific use.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you!

diy wall art

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