Classic Tea Party Birthday

I’ve been researching for months, inspiration for my own Petite Celebrations parties.  One of my favorites that captures the feeling perfectly is this sweet Tea Party birthday from Such Pretty Things.  Jessica designed this tea party with all the classic details – pretty dainty desserts, petite floral prints, lacy doilies, and a soft feminine color palette.
She also had some fun crafts for the girls to do.  They decorated party hats and strung candy and cookie bracelets.  Jessica made homemade cookies to string, but I think the store-bought flower cookies with the hole in the middle would work just as well.  I love this tea party, and can’t wait to book my own Petite Celebrations version!

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  1. I have to stop looking at all of this, I feel like a neglected child since I never had any of this growing up *sniff* =0)
    Sriously beautiful party

  2. This is lovely! Will you incorporate the candy and cookie bracelet? It's the cutest. I can't wait 'til you book one too!

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